Moments captured for all the world to see


With this image of a refugee camp in Lebanon, Georges Yazbek tried to document and understand how children can live in such an unsafe environment.

With camera in hand, UA alumnus Georges Yazbek is making his mark on the international stage.

Most recently, the haunting images he captured of young children living in a refugee camp in his native Lebanon were honored in the 2011 International Prix de la Photographie (PX3) competition, which is based in Paris, France. He won first and second place with entries in the Photojournalism War Press category. He also received two second place awards in the 2010 PX3 competition.

Yazbek, who earned a B.A. in Communication in 2007, and his sister, Zeina Yazbek, who earned a B.A. in Communication in 2004, were both actively involved in the programming and operation of WZIP-FM and ZTV during their time on campus. Yazbek received the Videographer Award and Chrystal Award in 2005 for his work on "Akron After Hours," a 2007 Telly Award for "The Rise and Fall of the YWCA of Summit County" and a 2007 Christopher Award for "Inspire By Example."

UA grads make their mark

UA alumnus Georges Yazbek on location with his camera.

After graduation, the brother and sister team launched Z Production Group, which is based in New York and in Lebanon. The company produces a variety of projects in the U.S. and abroad, including documentaries, corporate videos, television and more. The projects have included programs for MTV and fashion expert Stacy London, and even UA's own Dr. Kathleen Endres, distinguished professor of communication, who is working on a Civil War-era documentary.

Zeina Yazbek is quick to praise her brother's talents. "Georges is capable of being in any setup or place and capturing an unscripted moment at the right time. It's almost as if his craft is truly an extension of himself."

The photographer himself hopes to be true to the subjects beyond his lens.

"A photograph is not only a ticket to the world but also to one's inner self," notes Yazbek. "A captured moment goes beyond borders, languages and cultures, and cuts straight to a deeper place with which we're all familiar. When you look at an image, you witness a part of the story. The beginning and end are for you to create.

"They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I feel very honored and blessed that mine were heard," adds Yazbek.

Yazbek's two series of prize-winning photos from the 2011 PX3 competition can be viewed at "Children of tomorrow, today" and "Inspired?"