Anisha Gurung represents UA at the White House with members of NMGZ


Anisha Gurung, a marketing student, was recently selected to represent The University of Akron (UA) and travel to Washington, D.C. as part of the National Millennial and GenZ Community (NMGZ). Comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from around the U.S., NMGZ allows students to visit companies, foundations, non-profit organizations, etc. and interact with organization leadership. Associate Professor of Marketing, Sydney Chinchanachokchai, is the faculty advisor for UA.

UA College of Business marketing student, Anisha Gurung, traveled with members of NMGZ to AARP, Nestle, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. State Department, and the White House.

Q: Describe yourself and how/when you decided to pursue marketing as an area of study?

I'm the kind of person that is shy at first, but once you get to know me, I can be surprising. I'm adventurous and always up for trying new things. I'm open to new experiences and take risks when I'm comfortable enough. I'm a great listener, and I'm always open to learning about new culture and beliefs. I'm an introvert by nature, but I'm also incredibly social when I'm comfortable with the people around me. After much deliberation, I decided to pursue marketing as an area of study during my sophomore year. At first, I was an undecided business major, and I wasn't sure what route to take. After getting advice from Dr. Chinchanachokchai, and with my own interest towards marketing, I decided that it is the best fit for me.

Anisha with members of NMGZ and Erika Moritsugu, Deputy Assistant to President; Hannah Bristol, Sr. Advisor at The White House Office of Public Engagement; Hannah Y Kim, Policy Advisor AA & NHPI, and Celine Apenteng, intern, The White House Office of Public Engagement. (speakers/representatives) at The White House. Q: Tell us about NMGZ.

In 2016, Bill Imada, Chairman and former CEO of the I.W. Group, founded the National Millennial and GenZ Community (NMGZ). Mr. Imada's vison for the NMGZ was to create a platform for college students from all backgrounds and genders to engage in civil discourse, with the aim of problem-solving and dispelling negative stereotypes about younger millennials and Genzers.

Today, the NMGZ community is composed of students or alumni from over 40 collages and university, most of which are studying or have studied marketing, advertising, public relations/ communication, media, business,or related fields. Through this community, many have had the opportunity to grow.

Q: What was special about your opportunity to travel and be part of NMGZ?

During my trip to Washington D.C., I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, including visits to the AARP, Nestle, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. State Department and the White House. Throughout these visits, I was able to gain insight into the different perspectives and diversity present in the city. Furthermore, I actively engaged in discussions and debates revolving around topics such as climate change, student debt,and public transportation.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the opportunity to try out different cuisines like Gregorian, Filipino and Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern food. We were able to bond over our shared experiences while eating and talking with each other. I also had the chance to tour the city and see the famous monuments, which was an amazing experience. This trip has been a truly eye-opening experience and I'm grateful for the chance to take part in it.

It is my honor to announce that as of Jan. 18, 2023, I am officially a member of the NMGZ community. I am proud to represent the University of Akron and the Midwest region in this esteemed group. I am looking forward to learning from the other members and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Anisha with members of NMGZ and Andrew Wishnia, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy, Ms. Lynda Tran, Sr. Advisor to the Secretary; Director of Public Engagement, Ms. Alexandra Caffrey, Deputy Press Secretary and Mr. Taylor Weight, Special Assistant, Office of Public Engagement (speakers/representatives) at The United States Department of Transportation.

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from the trip?

The most significant lesson I learned from my visit to Washington. D.C. was the value of venturing outside of one's comfort zone, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures. This opportunity enabled me to broaden my perspective and gain a deeper understanding to the world around me.

Anisha with members of NMGZ at National Museum of American History.

Q: How did this opportunity benefit you professionally and help you grow as a marketing student?

This opportunity has been immensely beneficial to my growth as a marketing student. I was able to gain valuable insights into different perspectives and cultures, as well as make invaluable connections with amazing individuals. Through working with a diverse group of people, I learned how to communicate professionally and ask the right questions. I had the privilege of connecting with people such as Bill Imada, as well as peers who taught me to remain curious and always strive to learn more.

Anisha with members of NMGZ for the fun and interactive activity