State superintendent presents awards to Akron Early College High School


"I believe in: We can. We will. We shall." That sentiment, expressed by Ohio's Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard Ross during his visit to Akron Early College High School Oct. 16, punctuated the purpose of his stop in Akron.  Ross named AECHS — a collaboration of The University of Akron and Akron Public Schools— a High Performing School of Honor and a School of Promise based on its 2012-13 local report card.

Holding the School of Promise banner are Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard Ross, left, with Marilyn Bennett, Akron Early College High School principal, and AECHS valedictorian Kwame Boakye.

The Ohio Department of Education's High Performing Schools of Honor program recognizes schools that have a 90 percent or better average proficiency rate over a five-year period on the Ohio Achievement Assessment and Ohio Graduation Test. Schools must also meet several other criteria, including a 75 percent proficiency level for four significant subgroups on the same tests. Schools of Promise are recognized for attaining solid student achievement in reading and mathematics while serving a significant number of economically disadvantaged students. The Ohio Department of Education named 141 Schools of Promise and 37 High Performing Schools of Honor.

Launched at UA in fall 2007, the pioneering AECHS is designed to allow promising Akron Public Schools students to advance to an academically rigorous program upon their completion of middle school. Akron Early College High School also enables students to earn an associate degree or up to two years of college credits toward a bachelor’s degree, free of charge.

At an awards ceremony at AECHS, located at UA's Summit College, Dean Stanley Silverman commended students for their fortitude and excellence, entering and succeeding in college classes straight out of middle school.

As AECHS valedictorian Kwame Boakye says: "We’re two years ahead of the game than other students in the United States. You don’t get any better than this."

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