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Polymer Engineering

Representatives from Moldex3D, Concept2Production and The University of Akron after the software donation.

The University of Akron’s Department of Polymer Engineering received an in-kind donation valued at $2 million of Moldex3D, injection simulation software from CoreTech System.

The software allows manufacturers to design and simulate the flow of polymers into complicated mold shapes, reducing errors, product development costs and expediting time-to-market. The university will use the software to educate polymer engineering students about mold-making for plastic products.

The University of Akron

Dr. Mukerrem Cakmak

“Moldex3D will give students hands-on experience in the simulation of the flow of polymer materials into complicated mold cavities, which will help local industry,” says Dr. Mukerrem Cakmak, Harold A. Morton chair and distinguished professor of polymer engineering. Plastic injection molding is used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, electro-optical, and consumer products, he adds.

Moldex3D uses 3D computational technology to simulate the injection of molten polymer materials into molds. “These molds can be used to form Tupperware, cell phone cases, dashboards, just about anything made of plastic,” Cakmak says.

Cakmak compares the injection process to pouring cake batter into a pan, but he is quick to point out that making plastics is not quite so simple as baking cakes.

The behavior of polymers in the melt state — or “the batter” — depends upon a number of factors, including the pressure, temperature, velocity and viscosity of the injected material, he says, adding that the difference between polymers can be as drastic as that between lava and water. These materials are injected into geometrically complex mold cavities, sometimes made up of millions of parts, he adds.

The Akron Polymer Training Center, the training division of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, will begin offering courses on the software this fall to students and local professionals. 

The University of Akron, in collaboration with CoreTech System, is hosting “Advanced Processes Innovation Day: Molding Innovation” today at the National Polymer Innovation Center, to present the software to interested students and business representatives.

icon Story by Nick Nussen.

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