Test-taking secrets


Exam-taking tips

As we near midterms, here are a few test-taking secrets from the professionals at the tutoring center.

  • As you begin an exam, make quick notes for yourself in the margins or any open spaces. Include any formulas, equations, definitions, facts, or other material you think you will need but are afraid you might forget as the exam progresses.
  • Read exam directions slowly, and then reread them. Not only will this clarify what you are to do, but it will also give yourself a brief period to calm your nerves and gather your thoughts before beginning the exam.
  • Answer the easiest, shortest questions first. This gives you the experience of success and stimulates associations to prepare you for more difficult questions. 
  • Pace yourself, and watch the time. If you can’t think of an answer, skip that question and return to it after you have completed all of the other portions of the exam.
  • If you are unable to determine an answer to a question, watch throughout the test for context clues that may remind you of the correct answer or provide you with evidence to eliminate wrong answers.

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