IT Services


Antivirus Tools

Microsoft Windows Defender and Malwarebytes are the two cybersecurity scanning tools recommended by the University of Akron. Both of these tools are free to download for personal use. For questions with downloading or running either of these tools, feel free to contact the IT Help Desk.

Application Security Request

Certain University systems require approval to access. These systems include: Peoplesoft, Nolij, etc. Request access to these systems here.

Applications Development

Application System Services is responsible for computer application support of enterprise systems for academic and administrative departments.

Computer Labs

There are over forty general access computer labs on campus. The labs offer Internet access, word processing, design, spreadsheet, statistical and course-specific software. The labs also offer color printers, scanners and digital editing resources.

Computer Store

Completely online and always open. The Computer Store offers many great deals on hardware, software, and computing peripherals.

Design and Development Services (Online Course Development)

Designing an online course can seem like a daunting task, but you’re not alone in this process. Design and Development Services (DDS) has a talented team that will work one-on-one with you to develop a great online course. You have your own unique style and personality, and that should come across in the design and layout of your course. We will design an online environment that best fits your style while staying within a template already familiar to your students. Designing a course is much like designing a house. It has to be well thought-out. You want to have some curb-appeal. The individual rooms have to flow together into a seamless, unified design. We serve as your architects to help you create exactly that. Your syllabus will serve as the blueprint for how we build your course.

Distributed Technology Services (DTS)

The University of Akron offers flexible and cost effective IT support for departments and organizations on campus. Support options vary as needed and range from quick remote solutions to full-service onsite support. Our staff also provides support on a number of short-term and long-term technical projects to meet the diverse and growing needs of the campus community. You can look up your zone tech on using the search box on the left hand side. To open a ticket, contact the IT Help Desk by phone at 330.972.6888 or by email at

Electronics Recycling

The University of Akron recycles old personally-owned computing and electronics equipment. We accept computer components from any manufacturer. We partner with Central Stores to safely provide a comprehensive data destruction system guaranteed to comply with federal laws and regulations.

Email Lists (Listserv)

The University of Akron offers SYMPA Listserv services for free to meet your email distribution list needs.

Equipment Checkout

Bierce Library together with UA ITS provide access to 200+ Dells, Macs, and iPads for use by currently enrolled students only. The MediaTech Desk is located in the lobby of Bierce Library and closes 15 minutes prior to library close. Bierce Library equipment circulates for either 1-day or 7-days, depending upon the specific machine. All equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must present 2 valid picture IDs, one of which must be a UA Zip Card, at the time of checkout. For general information on Bierce Library laptops, please call 330-972-5355. The Science & Technology Library provides access to 40 Dell laptops for use by current UA students. Dell Laptops may be borrowed for a period of 4 hours with the option of one 4-hour renewal or until 30 minutes before library closing. 35 iPads are available for use by current UA students for a 7 day loan period with no renewal. All equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The Science Laptop Circulation checkout is adjacent to the Science Circulation Desk (ph: 330-972-8323).