Mission and learning outcomes


"The University of Akron School of Law promotes justice, the protection of individual liberty, and the rule of law through our commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service, and through our continuing commitment to expanding opportunities for legal education.”

Akron Law’s commitment to this mission and our students’ success is furthered by an outstanding faculty of leading scholars, teachers, and practitioners, who are dedicated to student success.  To these ends, Akron Law has adopted the following learning outcomes for our JD students:

Learning outcomes

  1. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the substantive and procedural law sufficient to pass the bar exam and to practice law.
  2. Students will learn the methods of legal analysis and reasoning such that they can apply legal principles to novel factual scenarios.
  3. Students will gain practice-ready skills and knowledge and demonstrate the ability to employ problem-solving strategies and techniques to satisfy clients' needs.
  4. Students will demonstrate effective written communication as may be required for different contexts in the practice of law.
  5. Students will acquire effective legal research skills.
  6. Students will learn effective oral communication skills for a variety of legal contexts.
  7. Students will learn their professional and ethical responsibilities to their clients, the legal system, and their community; have substantial opportunities to develop their professional identities; and gain knowledge about bias, cultural competency, racism, and similar issues.