Career Planning Services

The Office of Career Services at The University of Akron School of Law is dedicated to meeting the career planning needs of our students and alumni and the recruiting and hiring needs of employers across the country. We achieve this through individualized self assessment, identifying appropriate legal career options, providing training in job search skills and offering many sources of employment opportunities for our students and graduates. We also help employers nationwide, ranging from large law firms to public interest organizations and government agencies, hire the students who best fit their needs. The Office of Career Services is staffed by professionals with many years of career planning experience. We have one common goal:  to help our students and alumni fulfill their career objectives and to assist employers in meeting all their hiring needs. We achieve this goal through a comprehensive menu of services. The services we offer include:

Career Planning Handbook - one of the best of its kind - contains comprehensive information about career options, resume and cover letter drafting, and interview techniques. Each student receives a copy of the guide during First-Year Orientation.

One-on-One Career Counseling - Ms. Benedict O'Brien, the Director of Career Services, is available for individual appointments to discuss your job search strategy as well as other aspects of your job search , including, but not limited to, resume and cover letter preparation, job application procedures, market and employer information, practice area and career options exploration, interview preparation, and personal professional development. Appointments are available in person, via telephone, and via email.

On-Campus Recruitment Program - In addition to year-round job postings, the Career Services Office also coordinates two formal on campus interview programs each year, the Fall On-Campus Interview Program and the Spring On-Campus Interview Program. Besides employers that interview our students on campus, both of these programs also include employers who request that we collect and forward resumes to them.

Lawyer-to-Law Student Mentoring Program - The Office of Career Services, in conjunction with The Akron Bar Association Liaison Committee, pairs University of Akron Law students with local lawyers for the purposes of assisting law students in beginning the transition from law school to law practice, through a one-on-one relationship with a practicing attorney. The mentor provides perspective on the law school experience and its relationship to practice; helps the student understand the nature of different practice areas and types of employers; and has the opportunity to advise the students on networking and career resources. Above all, the mentor is a role model who conveys his/her commitment to the profession and the responsibility that comes with admission to the bar. Mentor interaction with the student takes many forms. In general mentors and their students meet at least three times during the mentoring year, but the actual amount of contact will depend on the students, initiative, the attorney's schedule, and the quality of their relationship. Mentor program information is made available to all second year students in October of each year.

Comprehensive Career Planning Library of Resources - the Career Services Office maintains a comprehensive library of books on various job search topics, and other hard copy reference materials, including directories, informational handouts, binders of fellowship and clerkship opportunities, legal periodicals, salary and practice-area reports and statistics. Students may borrow any materials from the Career Services library by listing their name and contact information in the sign out binder.

Participation in National and Regional Job Fairs - each year, Akron Law students are invited and encouraged to participate in a wide variety of job fairs, including the Patent Law Interview Program, the BLSA Midwest Minority Recruitment Conference, the NAPIL Job Fair and the Midwest Public Interest Career Conference.

Job Postings - the Career Services Office posts numerous full time, part time, and summer job opportunities for our students and alumni.  In the 2008-2009 academic year, the Career Services Office posted hundreds of job opportunities for our students and alumni. Our job postings are updated each weekday, so be sure to check AkronLawJobs on a regular basis. We encourage all students actively looking for work to check AkronLawJobs at least three times per week, and to apply to available opportunities without unnecessary delay.

The Career Connection - every Friday, the Career Services Office publishes The Career Connection, our e-mail student newsletter.  The Career Connection contains up-to-date information about job opportunities, notices about career workshops, and articles on important job search skills.

Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Presentations - throughout the school year, the Career Services Office offers a wide variety of programs covering topics ranging from different practice areas, professional development, interview skills, obtaining a judicial clerkship, to non-traditional/alternative careers, resume and cover letter preparation, how to network and how to launch a successful job search campaign. Attendance at these programs can provide students with insight from practicing attorneys, expert advice on specific geographic markets, and other "insider" information that is invaluable to the job search. For notice about these different programs, please read the Career Connection every week and subscribe to the Career Services blog.

Mock Interviews - students can participate in practice interviews with members of the Career Services staff and Akron Law alumni. These mock interviews are a great way to hone your interviewing skills before going on a "real" job interview.

Reciprocity -  Reciprocity allows Akron Law students and alumni to receive access to some or all of the career planning resources of another law school. This can be a useful tool for students seeking employment outside Northeast Ohio. Many law schools, including Akron, have strict guidelines as to when they will grant reciprocity and for how long they will grant it.  Please be sure you  carefully read and understand the reciprocity policy of the school you are requesting access to and that you make your request at the time you are able to take the fullest advantage of the privileges extended to you. To request reciprocity, call 330-972-5321 or email  A copy of Akron Law's reciprocity policy is available here.

Alumni Networking - the Office of Career Services provides many opportunities for current students to meet and network with Akron Law School alumni. For a list of Akron Law School Alumni events planned around the country, please click here.

Akron Law School's Clinical Program - extensive opportunities for student participation in a wide variety of hands-on, practical Clinical Programs. For further information on UA Law's clinical programs, please click here.

The Alumni Career Connection - our monthly alumni e-mail job newsletter. The Alumni Career Connection is published and e-mailed to all "subscribing" alumni on the 15th of every month or the following business day, if the 15th falls on a weekend. For your free subscription to the Alumni Career Connection, please contact the Law Career Services Office at 330-972-5321 or