2021 National Concrete & Corrosion Symposium

January 19-21, 2021

NCERCAMP hosting the second annual National Concrete Symposium

Hosted by NCERCAMP, in special partnership with Kent State University and CSI Next

"The National Concrete & Corrosion Symposium is the nexus for academia, architecture, engineering and research that makes a difference."

The National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance (NCERCAMP) is hosting the third annual National Concrete and Corrosion Symposium (NCCS).

This event will combine hands-on and lecture style courses for a compelling continuing education opportunity for architects, engineers, and construction professionals wanting to learn the latest in concrete innovation at the nation’s only advanced corrosion and materials performance research center.

What to expect this year

Reaching net zero now

The NCCS at NCERCAMP, you’ll connect with hundreds of industry leaders and young minds who are all a part of making concrete and its related technologies perform in a sustainable, economical, carbon responsible manner.

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Sponsoring events for the NCCS allows your organization to enjoy unique opportunities to share your products and spirit with local and national-level decision makers in the industry while directly supporting important research at NCERCAMP.

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Continuing Education

Choose from AIA accredited courses that will help you understand, design and build better more sustainable concrete. Classes that are lecture style as well as hands-on are available.

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We will honor professionals who are making a meaningful difference in architecture, engineering, research and construction.

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