Corrosion Engineering at NCERCAMP

The National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance

Corrosion experts with corrosion solutions.


NCERCAMP draws from the expertise of more than 30 faculty members to provide corrosion and materials performance solutions to industry and government organizations. The center is home to a multimillion-dollar suite of equipment to provide research, testing and analysis in many ways.

Our capabilities are broadly outlined below.

Materials Performance

  • Accelerated Testing
  • Mechanical Testing
  • High-Temperature Testing

Materials Characterization

  • Microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
  • Electrochemistry

Materials Development

  • Coatings
  • Alloys
  • Composites

Modeling and Simulation

  • Mathematical Models
  • Atomistic Simulations

Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

  • Characterization of Microbiological Activities
  • Measurement of Chemical Indicators

Equipment list

Visit our equipment page for full descriptions.

Basic equipment list

  • 1 Gal autoclave (Hastelloy)
  • 150,000 PSI proof ring test system (mechanical testing)
  • Alicona InFocus G5 surface characterization
  • Atomic force microscope with multimode/nanoscope
  • Automatic hydraulic press
  • Biologic potentiostat VSP300 4-channel
  • Biologic potentiostats (2)
  • Buehler Abrasimatic 300 cutter
  • Climate chamber
  • CM-5 colorimeter
  • Convection oven BlueM
  • CORTEST frame for mechanical tests
  • CORTEST high purity autoclave
  • CSZ temperature/humidity tests
  • Data acquisition and MTS grips
  • Dedicated acoustic emission and resistance monitoring for burner rig
  • Dell precision computers with specialized materials software: PANDAT, ELSYCA, OLI (6)
  • DIC with thermal imaging for horizontal MTS
  • Dispermat CV3
  • E-coater
  • Electrochemical scanning system VersaScan (SECM, SVET, LEIS, SKP, SDC)
  • Extensometer for MTS burner rig
  • Film drying chamber humidity control system
  • Film drying chamber machining and building Modern Tool Co.
  • Film drying chamber-keyence
  • Film formation bar
  • Fluorescence microscope Olympus BX63 motorized XY stage
  • Force tensiometer
  • Freeze thaw chamber
  • FTIR spectrometer
  • Furnace 1600C box furnace 
  • GAMRY 600 potentiostat
  • GAMRY 600 potentiostat with EQCM
  • Gamry 600 potentiostats (4)
  • Gamry 8-channel potentiostat
  • Gamry potentiostats (4)
  • Gardco scrub resistance D10-VF
  • Grinding bowl and tungsten ball mill
  • Grips for instron mechanical testing
  • High energy ball mill
  • High temperature 6 in. tube furnace
  • High temperature vacuum furnace
  • Horizontal high temperature test instrument
  • Hot air generator
  • HVOC for burner rig
  • Hysitron nano mechanical test system
  • Inverted microscope AmScope
  • Kelvin probe with environmental chamber
  • Low temperature freezer
  • Micro hardness tester
  • Micro-hardness tester
  • Microscope for coating examination
  • Mini temperature film formation bar
  • Modeling software Biovia
  • Modeling software COMSOL
  • Modulab solartron XM electrochemical system
  • MTS Criterion C45.105
  • MTS electromechanical mechanical test system
  • MTS Landmark 370.10 with immersion bath chamber
  • Oven for powder coatings
  • PPS thermal spray room, high temperature tests, materials performance
  • PVD deposition chamber-angstrom
  • QCT condensation tester
  • QUV accelerated weathering tester
  • Ross high sheer inline mixer
  • Rotating cylinder electrode (15-mm OD)
  • Salt spray chambers
  • Sample cutter JDC Precision
  • Scanning auger nanoprobe PH1710
  • SEM Hitachi TM3030+ with EDS
  • Simultaneous TGA/DSC/DTA system
  • Slow strain rate tests for mechanical testing (2)
  • Sputter coater with metal vacuum chamber
  • Stereoscopic microscope - Olympus SZX16
  • Struers tegramin 30 polishing machines (2)
  • Temperature-relative humidity cabinet
  • Tescan LYRA-3 XMU FIB-FESEM system
  • Thinky centrifugal mixer
  • Tube furnace with controlled atmosphere
  • Ultrasound gauge, holiday detector, coating thickness gauge
  • UV processor Omnicure S2000
  • UV VIS spectrophotometer
  • UV wet powder coatings processor with oven for UV-curable powder coatings
  • Viscosity rheometer
  • VWR refrigerator/freezer
  • X-ray computed tomography GE with dual tube
  • X-ray diffractometer-thin film



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Akron, Ohio 44325


Office: 330-972-6978
Fax: 330-972-5141