Materials Development

Materials Development

NCERCAMP researchers strive to prevent corrosion before it begins, rather than merely manage it. For this reason, we are always working to develop new alloys, coatings, composites and other materials that offer superior corrosion resistance as well as outstanding mechanical properties.

Alloys and Composites

  • Synthesis of advanced metallic materials with excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties
  • Novel, ultra-strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials for auto, marine and aerospace
  • Processing technologies to improve the properties of commercial alloys
  • Heat treatment of materials
  • Metastable/nanostructured materials via high-energy ball milling
  • Casting of various alloys and composites


  • Development of novel functional coatings with improved anti-corrosion properties and extended service lifetime
  • Modification of polymer structure and performance
  • Pigments for UV resistance
  • Computational simulations/models to predict coating behavior
  • Development of cure-on-command UV and visible light technology
  • Synthesis of organic and inorganic coatings
  • Metallic and ceramic coatings development
Vickers hardness number

Casting of various alloys and composites

Researchers perform testing on coatings

Researchers perform testing on coatings



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