Intercultural Initiatives

The Office of Multicultural Development sponsors a variety of initiatives and activities that give the UA campus community chances to participate and honor our students.

Diversity of Thought Virtual Empowerment Academy

Consider enrolling in the Diversity of Thought Virtual Empowerment Academy, an annual initiative hosted by the Office of Multicultural Development at The University of Akron. Aimed at aiding high school students in their transition to higher education, the academy organizes monthly online meetings from 11 AM to noon. During these sessions, participants can gain insights into the university’s array of academic options, campus activities, and available support systems. The program is designed to build connections among students from various backgrounds and to nurture an appreciation for different viewpoints as part of their educational growth. Engage with us to explore the resources and support that The University of Akron can provide for your academic path.

Fall 2024 Virtual Workshops

  • September 7, 2024 - Meet & Greet
    • Guest Speaker: Justin Wilhite, Associate Director of Student Culture & Belonging
  • October 5, 2024 - Importance of Voting
    • Guest Speaker: Dr. Matthew Akers, Special Assistant to the President for Government Relations
  • November 2, 2024 - Mental Health & Wellness
    • Guest Speaker: Dr. Juanita Martin, Executive Director, Counseling Center
  • December 7, 2024 - How to Handle Conflict
    • Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert Peralta, Director, Center for Conflict Management

ADVANCE Jumpstart New Roo Orientation

The ADVANCE JumpStart New Roo Orientation at The University of Akron not only introduces new students to the campus and its culture but also includes a distinctive feature—an overnight stay in a dorm. This immersive experience allows attendees to truly engage with the UA community, connecting with current students, mentors, faculty, and university leaders. The orientation is structured to provide students with the tools to successfully navigate the challenges of their first year. By fostering an environment that values intellectual diversity, ADVANCE JumpStart aims to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive academic atmosphere. Open to all students, regardless of GPA, the program is particularly beneficial for those with a high school GPA of 2.50 or lower. We strongly encourage these students to participate and gain from this unique and comprehensive introduction to university life.

FreshStart Learning Community

Join the ‘FreshStart Learning Community,’ an initiative by the Office of Multicultural Development (OMD) at The University of Akron, designed to support all incoming college freshmen, with special attention given to those who may not have reached their desired high school GPA. FreshStart is dedicated to laying a strong academic foundation and takes a comprehensive approach to enhance student growth. By offering mentorship, fostering collaborative learning environments, and nurturing a dedication to personal development, FreshStart provides students with the tools they need for a smooth transition into university life. Become a part of FreshStart, where we pave the way for a dynamic and culturally enriched academic journey, rooted in our commitment to inclusive excellence and diverse perspectives.

PASSAGE Learning Community (PASSAGE)

The 'PASSAGE Learning Community' is designed as a welcoming environment that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to foster a sense of unity and support. This community places a strong emphasis on the integration of different perspectives and life experiences, striving to offer a space that is open to everyone. It promotes the development of close relationships and a supportive network, celebrating diversity in thinking. Guided by the tenets of PASSAGE (Promoting Awareness, Social Sensitivity, and Genuine Empathy), the community is devoted to nurturing shared learning experiences, cooperative education, and reciprocal support. Its goal is to merge a multitude of viewpoints into a united group, cultivating an educational atmosphere that values each member's distinctiveness while upholding a standard of inclusive excellence.

Peer Mentoring Services

Mentoring at The University of Akron is about creating a personal bond between a seasoned student mentor and a new first-year student, the mentee. This mentorship is a voluntary commitment that unfolds over the span of one year, with clear roles and expectations for both parties. The Peer Mentoring Service is founded on the idea that making connections within the University can lessen feelings of isolation for new students, thereby enhancing their initial year of studies. Mentees benefit by becoming more acquainted with campus resources, which can lead to improved academic outcomes and a greater chance of making the transition from their first year to successful graduation.

The advantages of engaging with Peer Mentoring Services are manifold, including heightened self-motivation and discipline, alongside academic and career-oriented support.

Goodyear Driving Opportunity Scholars Program

Embark on an exceptional educational journey with the Goodyear Driving Opportunity Scholars Program. This prestigious program offers transformative scholarships that do more than just cover the costs of tuition and fees; they open doors to a world of professional development and growth. With a comprehensive training and mentoring program that spans up to an impressive five years, these scholarships are a springboard to future success, generously funded by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. 
As a recipient, you'll be granted exclusive opportunities to interview for coveted internships or cooperative education positions at Goodyear, setting you on a path to real-world experience and invaluable industry connections. Moreover, you'll gain access to a suite of Goodyear's elite events, from in-depth training sessions to career-focused activities, all designed to accelerate your professional trajectory. Don't miss your chance to be part of this elite group of scholars poised to drive their futures forward with Goodyear.

Black, Brown and Beyond Male Summit (BBBMS)

The BBBMS is a premier national conference that serves as a professional forum for discussing and sharing best practices and innovative strategies to support the educational and career advancement of underrepresented male students. This annual event is an open invitation to all individuals interested in learning about and contributing to the success of this community. Whether you're an educator, a policy maker, a community leader, or an ally, the BBBMS conference offers a space to engage with experts, network with peers, and be part of a collective effort to empower these young men on their cradle-to-career journeys.

Find out more about the upcoming Black, Brown and Beyond Male Summit

Harmony Convocation Ceremony

As the spring semester culminates and the anticipation of graduation mounts, the Office of Multicultural Development extends a warm invitation to all students to join in the annual OMD Harmony Convocation Ceremony. This event transcends a mere formal gathering; it is a joyful occasion that offers everyone a chance to pause and celebrate our collective achievements. We welcome all to participate and add to the richness of this special event that reflects our inclusive community. 
During the ceremony, we will highlight the personal triumphs of our graduates-to-be, giving them a chance to thank those who have been pillars of support throughout their educational journey. It's a moment to honor our graduates in unison, providing an opportunity for their families and friends to come together in recognition of their steadfast dedication and effort. 
For further details about this joyous occasion, please feel free to contact Director Autumn Frampton. She is available via email at or by phone at 330-972-8660.