PSP Track, BA Degree (390006BA)

(Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology)

120 Total Credit Hours


General Education Requirement - 42 credit hours
A series of courses, required by all undergraduate students at the University of Akron, aimed at developing the ability to understand and express ideas effectively and to comprehend the processes involved in accurate thinking.

Foreign Language Requirement - 14 credit hours
Completion of the second year of a foreign language at the university level.

PSP Requirement - 54 credit hours
The 54 PSP credits must include a minimum of 15 credits in each of the following three fields:  Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology.  By field, the 15 credit requirement must include:

Philosophy - Select 15 credits from the following courses
3600:101 or 120   Intro to Philosophy* OR Intro to Ethics* (a) 3 credits
3600:371   Philosophy of Mind (e) 3 credits
3600:461   Neuroethics (e) 3 credits
3600:464   Philosophy of Science (d) 3 credits
3600:333   Philosophy of Science & Religion (d) 3 credits
3600:340   Eastern Philosophy * (d) 3 credits
3600:424   Existentialism (f) 3 credits
3600:426   Phenomenology (f) 3 credits
3600:455   Philosophy of Feminism * (e) 3 credits
3600:480   Seminar (on consciousness) (f) 3 credits
3600:481   Philosophy of Language (f) 3 credits
Sociology - Select 15 credits from the following courses:
3850:100   Introduction to Sociology * (a) 3 credits
3850:315   Sociological Social Psychology (f) 3 credits
3850:320   Social Inequalities * (a) 3 credits
3850:340   The Family (b or c) 3 credits
3850:421   Racial and Ethnic Relations (f) 3 credits
3850:428   The Victim in Society (b or c) 3 credits
3850:433   Sociology of Deviant Behavior (b and/or c) 3 credits
3850:435   Sociology of Love (f) 3 credits
3850:447   Sociology of Sex and Gender (d) 3 credits
Psychology - Select 15 credits from the following courses:
3750:100           Introduction to Psychology * (a)            3 credits
3750:230   Developmental Psychology (a) 4 credits
3750:340   Social Psychology (b and c) 4 credits
3750:320   Biopsychology (b) 4 credits
3750:335   Dynamics of Personality (a) 4 credits
3750:345   Cognitive Processes (b and c) 4 credits
3750:420   Abnormal Psychology (a) 4 credits
3750:435   Cross-Cultural Psychology * (f) 4 credits
3750:474   Psychology of Women * (c) 4 credits

* This course can also be used to help meet a General Education requirement.
** Psychology electives:  students may select from other electives if deemed appropriate for the major (e.g., selected Special Topics in Psychology, 3750:480) and approved by a program advisor.

(a)  Course offered every semester.
(b)  Course offered every Fall semester.
(c)  Course offered every Spring Semester.
(d)  Course offered every 3rd semester.
(e)  Course offered every 2 years.
(f)  Course offered periodically.

The remaining 9 credits of electives (to complete the total minimum PSP requirement of 54 credits) can be taken in any one (or a combination) of the departments of Philosophy, Sociology, or Psychology.

College of Arts & Sciences requirement - 120 total credit hours
Of the 120 total credits required to graduate, 40 must be earned at the 300/400 level.
These 40 upper level credits cannot include Workshop credits.


The Department of Philosophy has the lead advising role for the PSP program.
To schedule an appointment contact:
   Philosophy:  Dr. Christopher Buford, Philosophy Department Advisor,

For questions about courses offered by the other participating departments contact:
   Sociology:  Dr. Rebecca Erickson, Department Chair,
   Psychology:  Dr. Jennifer Stanley, Interim Chair,