Dr. Ang Chen

Research interests: ( see Research WebPage for details )

     ·    Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

  • Understanding of the physical mechanisms of ferroelectric/dielectric/ piezoelectric and transportation behavior in electronic ceramics, single crystals and polymers, as well as composite materials.  

  • Characterization of ferroelectric / dielectric / piezoelectric and transportation behavior of ceramics, single crystals, thin films, and functional polymers in wide temperature range (1.5 K - 1000 K) and frequency range (10^-3 Hz - 10^9 Hz), and with and without dc electric-field  

     ·    Theory and Modeling

     ·    Materials Science and Electronic Devices

  • Processing of electronic materials (ceramics, single crystals, and thin films)

  • Ferroelectric, piezoelectric, dielectric and electrostrictive ceramics, single crystals, thin films, polymers, and composite materials, as well as their applications as devices (capacitors, transformers, and actuators, etc.)

  • Conducting/Superconducting ceramics/thin-films

  • Microwave ceramics

  • Photonic single crystals & devices