Dr. Terry O'Sullivan

Dr. Terry O'Sullivan

Title: Associate Professor; Director, Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security Policy Research
Associate Director, Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Dept/Program: Political Science
Office: 210 Olin Hall
Phone: 330-972-5654
Email: tmo@uakron.edu
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Prof. Terry O’Sullivan is Director of the Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security Policy Research, Associate Professor of Political Science. Before joining the faculty at U. Akron, he was a research associate at the Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE), at the University of Southern California – the first Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence.  His research and teaching is primarily security oriented, but includes a wide examination of domestic U.S. and international politics and policy risk analysis related to emergency management of natural disasters, public health and biosecurity (including infectious disease outbreaks), environmental security (climate change, environmental disasters), and terrorism/homeland security issues – including weapons of mass destruction (WMD: Nuclear, chemical, biological), aviation/airline threats, and terrorism in general. He and his UA colleague, Rob Schwartz, were 2013 recipients of a National Science Foundation RAPID research award to study citizen volunteer response to Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. 

Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2003, Associate Professor.
Fields: Security Studies, Terrorism, Global Public Health, Natural Disasters, International Political Economy, Global
Governance, Terrorism, Science and Technology Policy, and Comparative Politics


Recent publications include:

  • Terrence M. O’Sullivan, “Environmental Security is Homeland Security: Climate Disruption as the Ultimate Disaster Risk Multiplier.” Article for Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy journal, Accepted, expected publication Winter 2015.
  • O’Sullivan, Terrence M, and Jim Ramsay. “Defining and Distinguishing Homeland from National Security and Climate-Related Environmental Security, in Theory and Practice.” Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (2015; 12(1): 43–66).
  • Terrence M O’Sullivan and Roger Emmelhainz. “Reframing the Climate Change Debate to Better Leverage Policy Change: An Analysis of Public Opinion and Political Psychology,” Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 11(3), Pages 317–336, ISSN (Online) 1547-7355, ISSN (Print) 2194-6361, DOI: 10.1515/jhsem-2013-0117, (August 2014).
  • Jim Ramsay and Terrence M. O’Sullivan, “There’s a Pattern Here: The Case to Integrate Environmental Security into Homeland Security Strategy,” Homeland Security Affairs Journal (June 2013). http://www.hsaj.org/?article=9.1.6


Ph.D. University of Southern California


3700: 336 Homeland Security: Policy & Process

3700: 337 Terrorism: Perpetrators, Politics & Response

3700: 352 Terrorism and the Constitution

3700: 352 Weapons of Mass Destruction

3700: 413 Global Public Health Threats

Areas of Responsibility

Comparative & International Politics, Public Policy