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Internship Program

Our nationally recognized internship program gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world of politics. Student interns make valuable networking contacts that assist them in their education and careers.

Placement Opportunities

Students are placed in the area of greatest interest to them, such as:

  • National, State, and County political party headquarters
  • Congressional offices
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign consultants
  • Interest groups
  • Elected public officials
  • Federal agencies
  • Ohio General Assembly
  • And many more

Some places students often have internships:

  • Northeast Ohio
  • Columbus
  • Washington D.C.
  • International

Intern Spotlight

Kerry Battershell, Sunday Creek Horizons


I spent two semesters working for Sunday Creek Horizons (SCH), a mission-driven consulting and advocacy firm focused on serving Appalachia, Ohio. SCH's mission is to promote the region's economic growth and social progress through policy advocacy, community organizing, and consulting services. 

 During my first semester, I worked as a fellow with SCH and gained a deep understanding of their operations. I learned how the firm builds relationships with clients and stakeholders, engages in community outreach, and advocates for policy change at the state and federal levels. I also had the opportunity to attend meetings with clients and government officials. 

 In my second semester with SCH, I was hired as a full-time team member on the Community Development team. I was responsible for conducting research and analysis for clients, who were primarily local government entities and nonprofit organizations. One project I worked on involved submitting a Congressionally Directed Funding application for the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies to Senator Sherrod Brown's office.  

 Working at SCH provided me with invaluable experience in project management, research and analysis, and advocacy. I also had the opportunity to work with a diverse team of professionals who were deeply committed to making a positive impact in Appalachia. SCH's leadership team, including former Congressman Zachary Space, provided mentorship and guidance throughout my internship, and I gained a deeper understanding of how policy change can be achieved through collaboration and persistence. 

 Overall, my experience with Sunday Creek Horizons is incredibly rewarding, and I feel well-equipped to pursue a career in public policy and advocacy. I am grateful for the lessons I learned and look forward to using my experience to make a difference in my future.

Dina Elhindi, Global Ties Akron


Hello Everyone! My name is Dina Elhindi and I am entering my final semester at The University of Akron majoring in Political Science with a minor in Arabic! During the spring semester, I have been privileged to work as an Intern at Global Ties Akron!  Global Ties Akron is a local branch of the headquarters of Global Ties U.S. that is located in D.C. This company has created a foundation to bring international leaders in their governments to come to the United States and interact with our policies. These delegates learn from our economies and take it back to their communities and vice versa! Global Ties is located in the College of Business- which is the ideal location to go to work and then class right after! As an intern, I am typically involved in the behind-the-scenes work. I am usually creating proposals and sending them out to DC, creating designs to market some of our items, emailing, and making phone calls to set up appointments!

 During my internship, I have had the opportunity to meet individuals from Azerbaijan, Poland, and France! They have all come to learn about U.S. Elections and Civil Engagement, Strengthening Mental Health Social Policies, Engaging Youth in the Political Process, and so much more! I have been able to learn about the different policies all over the world and compare them to ours. As someone who plans to attend law school with an interest in international politics, Global Ties Akron has allowed me to excel with my interests!

 I have been able to better my communication skills, learned to conduct myself in a professional matter, and have been able to thrive in a team setting! All of these skills will be extremely beneficial for my future career.