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In order to remain current in the rapidly developing field of politics, the Bliss Institute staff regularly conducts applied and scholarly research. The institute's research efforts provide a source of up-to-date information for the general public, as well as political practitioners and academicians, and offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity for advance study.

Akron Decides

  • May 2023 Post Election Poll - Registered Voters in Akron were asked to share their thoughts and opinions about the recent election for the Mayor of Akron.
  • April 2023 Horse Race Poll - Registered Voters in Akron who described themselves as likely to vote were asked to share their thoughts and plans for voting in the upcoming May primary for the Mayor of Akron. 
  • Akron Decides Poll - Akron residents were asked to voice their expectations of the next mayor of their city. 

These polls were conducted by the Center for Marketing and Opinion Research.  The Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics helped sponsor the polls.

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  • Political Polarization in Ohio: 2022 Election - Presented by Dr. John Green (Apr. 28, 2022) | Report| PowerPoint | Video
  • Party Control in the 2022 Election | Report
  • Your Vote Ohio Poll (Summer 2020) - A joint project of Your Vote Ohio and the Bliss Institute | Findings and Stories
  • University of Akron Bliss Institute Poll (Baseline for the 2018 Election): Poll finds voters nearly evenly divided in partisan terms as the 2018 campaign enters it final weeks. See the highlights or download the full report (PDF).
  • Humanist Survey (2018): Survey Results 
  • 2016 Election Polls
    • Clinton leads, but Democrats want Biden to run (Aug. 5, 2015): Poll Findings
    • Strong support for Trump among republican primary voters (Aug. 4, 2015): Poll Findings
    • 2015 Ohio Presidential Politics (Akron Buckeye Poll): Poll Findings
    • 2015 Ohio Ballot Issues (Akron Buckeye Poll): Poll Findings
  • Tea Party Research (Oct. 2011): Survey Findings
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer Opinion Survey (Oct. 2011): Poll Findings
  • American Humanist Survey (Dec. 2011): Survey Findings

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