Psychology Master of Arts

Fulfill admission requirements of the Graduate School and the following departmental requirements:

  • psychology major or the equivalent of a minimal undergraduate psychology minor including a general or introductory course, statistics course, and experimental psychology course; 
  • GPA of 3.00 in psychology courses;
  • Graduate Record Examination Aptitude Test;
  • three letters of recommendation.

Application materials must be received by January 15.

Course requirements:

  • completion of graduate psychology courses, including the M.A. core courses or equivalents, specialty area required courses, and electives as specified in the department's graduate student manual;
  • a student is required to maintain at least a 3.0 grade-point average in M.A. content courses as well as overall.

Other requirements:

  • refer to the Department of Psychology Graduate Student Manual for additional guidelines;
  • complete and fulfill general master’s degree requirements of the Graduate School.


Thesis Option

Completion of a minimum number of credits of graduate work, including thesis, as follows: Industrial/Organizational program, 39 credits.

Nonthesis Option

Completion of coursework and examinations (no thesis required), with a minimum number of credits of graduate work for each program as follows: Applied Development and Aging program, 37 credits and Industrial/Organizational program, 41 credits.  A terminal M.A. Degree in Counseling is not available.