Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The General Education requirement and a minimum of 40 credits in psychology including:

  • 16 credits of core requirements:
    PSYC:100 Introduction to Psychology 3  
    PSYC:105 Professional and Career Issues in Psychology 1
    PSYC:110 Quantitative Methods in Psychology 4
    PSYC:220 Introduction to Experimental Psychology 4
  • PSYC:250 Psychology of Diversity 4

  • 16 credits from the following six courses:
    PSYC:230 Developmental Psychology 4
    PSYC:320 Biopsychology 4
    PSYC:335 Dynamics of Personality 4
    PSYC:340 Social Psychology 4
    PSYC:345 Cognitive Processes 4
    PSYC:410 Psychological Tests and Measurements 4

  • 8 credits of psychology electives, of which no more than 4 may be fulfilled with 495 Field Experience or 497 Independent Reading and/or Research in Psychology.

  • Completion of second year of a foreign language or a similar level of proficiency in American Sign Language.