Minor in Psychology

  • A total of 18 credits in Psychology with eight credits of 300/400-level coursework.

  • Required for all students:
    PSYC:100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits

  • At least one course from these 100-200-level courses:
    PSYC:110 Quantitative Methods in Psychology 4 credits
    PSYC:220 Introduction to Experimental Psychology 4 credits
    PSYC:230 Developmental Psychology 4 credits
    PSYC:250 Psychology of Diversity 4 credits

  • At least one course from these 300-level courses:
    PSYC:320 Biopsychology 4 credits
    PSYC:335 Dynamics of Personality 4 credits
    PSYC:340 Social Psychology 4 credits
    PSYC:345 Cognitive Processes 4 credits
    PSYC:380 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 4 credits

  • Courses from the following list which relate to student’s area of interest:
    PSYC:400 Personality 4 credits
    PSYC:410 Psychological Tests and Measurements 4 credits
    PSYC:420 Abnormal Psychology 4 credits
    PSYC:430 Psychological Disorders of Children 4 credits
    PSYC:435 Cross-cultural Psychology 4 credits
    PSYC:441 Clinical and Counseling Psychology I 4 credits
    PSYC:443 Human Resource Management 4 credits
    PSYC:445 Psychology of Small Group Behavior 4 credits
    PSYC:450 Cognitive Development 4 credits
    PSYC:460 History of Psychology 3 credits
    PSYC:474 Psychology of Women 4 credits
    PSYC:475 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging 4 credits
    PSYC:480 Special Topics in Psychology