Retroactive Grading Basis Change (letter grade to credit/no credit) for Fall 2020 Undergraduate Courses

The University of Akron will implement a credit/no credit (CR/NC) policy for undergraduate students for the fall semester 2020.

Beginning December 16, 2020, students will be able to submit a change of grading basis form electronically for each course where a change to CR/NC is desired. Students should carefully review their final grades before submitting a change of grading basis request. For undergraduate courses, an earned grade of A through C- would be changed to “Credit” and a grade of D+ through F would be changed to “No Credit.” In the case of general education courses, an earned grade of D+, D or D- will earn credit for the course, but a grade of “No Credit” will not earn credit for the course.

Any student interested in requesting a change in grading basis retroactively for one or more fall 2020 undergraduate courses must complete the credit/no credit change form in its entirety and submit it the Office of the University Registrar at from a valid University email account ( or The form may be completed and signed electronically.

Requests for CR/NC will be accepted by the University Registrar through 5:00pm, Friday, January 15, 2021. After this deadline, changes may not be reversed and no additional requests will be accepted.