Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BA/BASW)

Program overview 

The bachelor's degree in social work (BA/BASW) requires completion of a minimum of 120 credits, 46 of which should be under the social work major. Please note: This program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience (See CSWE Accreditation Standard 4.1.5).

Learners wishing to major in social work must request an intercollege transfer to the College of Health and Human Sciences, School of Social Work and Family Sciences from their current college. A 2.75 grade point average and 30 credit hours is required for admission to the School. Once admitted to the School, a separate admissions packet must be completed with the School in order to be admitted as a social work major in good standing. 

Recommended course sequence (curriculum guides)

For more information

For information about the BA/BASW program, please contact:


Janice Steinmetz, MSW, LISW-S
Lakewood BA/BASW Coordinator
Office: Lakewood A131
Phone: 330-808-5387


Lisa Crites, MSW, LISW-S
Wayne BA/BASW Coordinator
Office: Wayne C131
Phone: 330-972-8707

Liberal arts base for the social work major

The social work major is built on a liberal arts base within the general education program. Learners must complete the liberal arts requirements and General Education mathematics and English requirements prior to full admission in the social work major. 

The School encourages learners to complete all General Education Bachelor degree requirements as early as possible and concentrate on the social work major in the final semesters. Post-baccalaureate learners must also meet all preadmission criteria.

The following eight courses comprise the liberal arts base for the social work major. These courses must be completed before being admitted as a full major student in the School of Social Work and Family Sciences. 

Course number Course title
7750:270 Diversity and Social Work
7750:275 Introduction to Social Work Practice
7750:276 Introduction to Social Welfare
7750:427 HBSE I (Human Behavior and Social Environment I)
3100:103 Natural Science Biology
Government & Politics in the U.S.
American Urban Society
Introduction to Psychology
Human Relations
3850:100 Introduction to Sociology

For a complete description of the above courses, see the University Bulletin.

Admission to the social work major

A 2.75 cumulative GPA is required to be admitted to the school as a preadmission social work major and a full social work major. A learner will remain a preadmission social work major until all nine liberal arts base and math and English General Education courses are completed, all required application materials have been submitted, the 2.75 or better GPA achieved, no grades are in progress, her/his completed application is reviewed by the admissions committee, and the school’s director agrees with the admissions committee recommendation for full admission.