Bachelor's Degree in Social Work

Information for Preadmission Social Work Majors

Congratulations and welcome to the School of Social Work and Family Sciences! Now that you are a preadmission social work major, you will need to meet with the BSW Coordinator for your campus to review the checklist within three months after receiving it.   

The name and contact information for your BSW Coordinator, who is also your social work faculty advisor, can be found in your preadmission email and in the following list:

Janice Steinmetz
Janice Steinmetz, MSW, LISW-S

Lakewood BA/BASW Coordinator

Office: Lakewood A131
Phone: 330-808-5387
Lisa Crites
Lisa Crites, MSW, LISW-S

Wayne BA/BASW Coordinator
Office: Wayne C131
Phone: 330-972-8707


Everything you need to know about preadmission social work major

All students entering the social work major from the general college population or transferring to it from other university programs or external colleges must formally apply for admission to the School of Social Work and Family Sciences and successfully complete the admission procedure. 

1-2-3 The application procedure for admission is a 3-step process. 

1st Step:
A student applies to the college by meeting with her/his current academic advisor and requesting an Inter College Transfer. In all instances, an application must be made to the Dean’s Office, College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS). Incoming transfer students apply by indicating social work on their university admission application.

*Please note: “Incoming transfer student(s)” refers to learners who are eligible for admission as a full major in social work their first semester at UA. One example of an incoming transfer student is a student transferring to UA from a community college or 4-year college. 

2nd Step:
Upon acceptance into the CHHS, a student is reviewed for preadmission status in the School of Social Work and Family Sciences. Becoming a preadmission major in the School requires completion of 30 credits and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75Admission requirements for the College and School are different. It is possible to be admitted to CHP, but not the School of Social Work and Family Sciences.

3rd Step:
 A preadmission social work major must meet all of the following requirements to become a full social work major.

  1. Acceptance into the College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS).
  2. Acceptance into the School of Social Work and Family Sciences as a preadmission social work major.
  3. Liberal Arts requirements for the Social Work Major completed.
  4. Minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75.
  5. General Education requirements for a Bachelor’s degree completed. At minimum, English and math general education requirements must be completed prior to acceptance as a full major. The School strongly recommends applicants complete all or most general education requirements prior to full admission. (Refer to University Bulletin or Center for Academic Advising and Student Success for university policies about the completion of General Education requirements).
  6. Submission of the formal application for full admission, which includes an autobiographical statement. (See #7)
  7. Submission of an autobiographical statement explaining your interest in social work. (Your statement should be 500 words minimum, pasted into the School’s application, and of a writing quality consistent with successful completion of 2 college-level English composition courses.)
  8. Three (3) professional recommendations (from college advisor, previous professors, employers, etc. We cannot accept personal recommendations from family members, friends, friends of the family, high school faculty and staff, spiritual counselors, or other relationships defined as personal by the BSW Coordinator and Admissions Committee.)

        After successful submission of your formal application, you will receive the link to the required recommendation form
        to forward to your recommenders.

    9. An interview with a faculty member of the School of Social Work and Family Sciences may be required before a final decision regarding admission can be made. (Optional, at request of the School’s faculty and/or Director).

Students may submit an application after receipt of their preadmission email. Incoming transfer students may submit their application upon admission to UA and after completion of New Student Orientation (or the campus specific equivalent) and permission from your BSW Coordinator. Learners are encouraged not to wait to begin their application. All application materials must be submitted to the School by the semester specific application deadline. Failure to submit by the appropriate application deadline will result in the applicant having to wait until the next semester to have her/his application reviewed. A new application would be required. 

You are responsible for notifying your social work faculty advisor/BSW Coordinator when you believe you have fulfilled all preadmission requirements. To receive permission for conditional registration in your first semester of full major classes, you must have contact with and receive permission from your assigned social work faculty advisor. You may not register independently for your first semester of full major social work classes.

Application Deadlines

Your application for full major status will be reviewed at the end of the semester of your chosen application deadline. All application requirements must be completed at that time.

Your application will be reviewed after you complete the following items on the dates indicated.

  1. Application (including autobiographical statement)
  2. Three professional recommendations
  3. Required preadmission courses
  4. Earned a 2.75 or better cumulative GPA
  5. Final grades are posted for the end of the semester your requested application review. (see table)


Application Deadline

First Semester as Full Major

Application Review (begins after Final Grades Post)


October 15



Akron, Wayne

February 15




April 13

Fall (register in Spring)


Akron, Lakewood

July 15

Fall (register in Summer)


Akron, Lakewood


Incoming Transfer Students: If you intend to be a full major your first semester on campus, your application due date is two weeks after attending New Student Orientation or the Tuesday before the start of the semester (whichever is first). However, if possible, it is best to apply to UA as soon as possible. As soon as you submit an application to UA, your student ID# will be generated and it will be provided to you in your UA admission email. 

Conditional registration allows you to register for your first semester of social work major only classes even though final grades have not posted for the current academic semester. 

Eligibility requirements for conditional registration include:

  1. Current enrollment in the last of required preadmission classes or completion of all required preadmission classes;
  2. All application materials have been submitted and accepted by the BSW Coordinator
  3. The BSW Coordinator has a reasonable expectation that your cumulative GPA will be 2.75 or better at the time of application review;
  4. You notified your social work faculty advisor when you believe you are eligible for full admission; and
  5. You received permission for enrollment in social work major only classes from your social work faculty advisor/BSW Coordinator.

*Please note: This registration is conditional upon you being admitted as a full social work major and meeting all prerequisites for the classes at the start of the semester. If you are not admitted as a full major for any reason, you must drop all social work major only classes from your schedule. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss academic and career options.

academic advisement

Students who express an interest in social work but need additional information before making a decision are referred to the Preadmission Student Advisor, BSW Coordinator, College Advisor, or School Director for an advisement conference. During this conference, faculty or CHP professional advisors discuss the potential applicants interest in and aptitude for social work and provides an explanation of the program.

When a student submits a complete application, it goes to the School’s admissions committee for a determination. Upon receiving notification of the admissions committee decision, the Director of School of Social Work and Family Sciences will forward an email notifying the applicant. If admitted, this email also identifies the student's assigned faculty advisor.

Upon full acceptance to the School of Social Work and Family Sciences, students are required to have an initial conference with their assigned faculty advisor for the specific purpose of explaining their professional and academic preparation. At this point, a course of study is developed and other School requirements are clarified (such as maintenance of a 2.75 social work GPA). Each student will then complete and sign all necessary documents. In this first conference, each student will be sent a link to the Student Handbook, which further describes the School’s program and related issues and activities, as well as a link to How to prepare for your preadmission advising appointment.

Download and print the Everything You Need to Know About Preadmission Social Work Major document (a.k.a. Preadmission Social Work Major Checklist).

Apply for admissions

Apply for admission 

Answers to your questions

What is a preadmission social work major?

A preadmission social work major is a learner who has been accepted into the School of Social Work as a preadmission major. The learner will receive an email from the School of Social Work informing her/him of admission as a preadmission major.

How do I become a preadmission social work major?

To become a preadmission social work major, meet with your current academic advisor and request an Inter College Transfer to the College of Health Professions as a Preadmission Social Work Major.

When do I apply to become a preadmission social work major?

A learner may initiate an Inter College Transfer at any time after meeting criteria for preadmission admission. The learner meets admission criteria by completing 30 credits and achieving a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. The school will not round-up a GPA when determining admission eligibility. We strongly recommend you become a preadmission major as soon as you are eligible so you can formally receive academic advising from School faculty.

How will I know when I have been admitted as a preadmission social work major?

An applicant will receive an email notification of preadmission admission to the School of Social Work. UA email is the primary means of communication in the School. Check your UA email often. We will not School correspondence to non-UA email accounts.

Do I need to complete a field placement?

Yes, all social work majors must complete a field placement. A field placement is also referred to as an Internship or Practicum. Full social work majors register for field placement one semester prior to their last two (2) semesters before graduation. Registration includes participation in a multi-part field education orientation. Field placements are always two consecutive semesters. Learners are required to complete 225 hours per semester/450 hours total. For additional information refer to the Field Education section of the School of Social Work’s website at

What classes can I take in social work before becoming a full social work major?

Learners must take four (4) social work classes before or after preadmission admission. The 4 classes are: 7750:270 Diversity and Social Work; 7750:275 Introduction to Social Work Practice; 7750:276 Introduction to Social Welfare; and 7750:427 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I. Social work also offers 200-level classes in addictions. Addiction classes may be taken without being a social work major. See the class detail for addiction classes for any prerequisites.

When can I register for my first semester of full major social work classes?

Applicants must meet with their current social work faculty advisor to register for her/his first semester of full semester classes. Contact your faculty advisor for an appointment to register for your first semester of full major classes. You must meet all criteria for conditional registration to receive permission to enroll in your full major classes.