Welcome Message from Naomi White

Welcome and congratulations as you approach your final stretch of your professional social work development: Field education, a classroom without walls.  

Field, as the signature pedagogy for social work education provides an opportunity to learn and display professionalism, learn and demonstrate strong professional boundaries, learn and demonstrate a teachable attitude while experientially integrating classroom knowledge. 

Field can be exciting, fun, and most likely will be the most challenging aspect of your student experience with us. You are encouraged to begin this final stretch by spending quality time familiarizing yourself with the field education feature of our social work website. Whether or not you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, each section has been developed to reduce the anxiety that is a natural aspect of your field education experience, a classroom without walls, while increasing the role of excitement and fun through detailed information, a necessary tool as you take this pivotal journey. 

Naomi White

Naomi White
Coordinator of Field Education
Senior Instructor
Polsky Building, 4th Floor, Room 407
Office: 330.972.5978
Email: naomi1@uakron.edu

Lakewood Students & Akron Campus Concentration Students 

Becky Thomas

Your field contact person is Professor Becky Thomas.

bthomas@uakron.edu 330-972-5682

Wayne College students  

Lisa Crites
Your field contact person is Professor Lisa Crites.

lkc6@uakron.edu 330-972-8707

Child Welfare University Partnership Program (UPP)

Melissa McCollister

Your field contact person is Dr. Melissa McCollister.

mkm12@uakron.edu 330-972-5287  

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UPP Application

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