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Field Application Process, Schedules, & Documents

Alert!  New Field Orientation Process & Format

  • The School of Social Work requires all social work students to attend both Part I & II of a two-part field education orientation prior to beginning their field education experience.
  • The School of Social Work is committed to each student receiving the appropriate knowledge necessary to effectively begin skill acquisition upon entering their field placement.
  • Beginning in Fall 2014, both Part I and Part II field orientations will occur in the Social Work Lab located in the Social Work office, Room 411.  Two sessions of each Part will be available for students to register and attend.  There will be limited seats.  Availability is based on the number of computers in this lab. 
  • If you are unable to attend the scheduled orientation sessions, meet with your Academic Advisor and review the schedule below to enter your field education experience in a different semester. No exceptions will be made.
  • Important: Attend Field Education Orientation Part 1 BEFORE contacting any field agencies to secure a field placement Field Agencies

UA  Campus Students Only Field Orientation Schedule
Social Work Computer Lab, Room 411
Two sessions: 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m. sessions are scheduled for both Part I and Part II.   On-line registration only- Select date, open electronic registration, select time frames, and submit.

  • Summer Semester Orientation for Fall 2015 Field Placement
    Part I- 1st Friday of June - June 5, 2015
    Part II - 3rd Friday of July - July 17, 2015

  • Fall Semester Orientation for Spring 2016 Field Placement
    Part I - 3rd Friday of September- September 18, 2015
    Part II - 1st Friday of November - November 6, 2015

  • Spring Semester Orientation for Summer 2016 Field Placement
    Part I - 3rd Friday of February-  February 19,2016
    Part II - 1st Friday of April - April 1, 2016 


UA  Wayne College Students Only Field Orientation Schedule

  • Summer Semester Orientation for Fall 2015 Field Placement
    Part I Thursday, May 14, 2015, 4:00 p.m., Room C113- Completed
    Part II - Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 4:00 p.m. Room C113

Helpful tip to edit field documents using Word - Once word document is open, go to the top of the page and select View- then click on Edit.  Your word document is ready for you to insert your specific student information.         


Step #1 - Register online for Part I & Part II for Akron campus students only; Wayne College students contact Professor Lisa Crites to register for Part I & II
Step #2 - Complete and submit for review and signature to your Academic Advisor, the  Academic Advisor Eligibility Form prior to attendance at the Part I Field Orientation (this document will be collected at the beginning of the field orientation) Note- each advisor is different- check in with yours to determine if they want to meet with you or you are able to drop it off and pick-up a completed, signed document.
Step #3 - Download an Application for Field, complete it electronically and send it prior to Part I of the field orientation to  with Targeted Semester and Year  BA/BASW Field Education Start  in the Subject AreaField Education continues to move towards streamlining its processes. No hard copies of this document will be accepted. We are moving to a paperless system. Your patience is appreciated during this time. 
Your thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated.  Please share them with


Agency Roster- Listing of Field Education Opportunities for Field Practicum
Supplemental Agency Roster
- Newer agencies not yet listed on the comprehensive Agency Roster
[Coming very soon!  Web-based Agency Roster- We listen to you!]
Welcome social work students to an extensive listing of potential field placements available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

  • In order to take full advantage of this updated, comprehensive roster, you are encouraged to take a moment and review the format of this document.  
  • In response to student feedback, we have inserted links to assist you with your search, added a county section, and consolidated four agency rosters into one.  
  • User-friendliness and relevance are our priority with this document.  Your feedback is essential. Let us know if we met our mark to:
  • Identified an agency that is not on this list? no problem- Check to ensure that there is a bachelor level social worker available to be your field instructor, this same social worker has been employed at this organization for a minimum of one year and graduated, a minimum of two years from an accredited university. 

Section I:  Table of Contents - All Agencies in Alphabetical Order
Section II: Agency Descriptions - All Agencies in Alphabetical Order 
Section III: All Agencies by County
Section IV: Table of Contents - All Agencies by Practice Area

Interview Preparation & Acknowledgment

Field Supports

  • Background Checks/Fingerprinting
    Increasingly, agencies/organizations are requesting background checks: A BCI (state) and/or FBI (national) criminal record checks. On-campus fingerprinting and background checks are available-The University of Akron Police Department/Campus Police  under $60. for both BCI & FBI.

  • Immunizations/Tuberculin Skin testing
    Health Services provide General Primary Health Care including:
    Evaluation and treatment of uncomplicated illness and injury
    Immunizations / Tuberculin skin testing
    Academically required physical examinations
    Referral assistance for health concerns beyond the scope of the department

  • Professional Liability Insurance
    Social Work students can purchase Professional Liability Insurance through the University for $20.00 per academic year.  Hand deliver, Inter-office mail, or place in the mailbox of the Field Coordinator Naomi White, a check made out to The University of Akron.
    Upon receipt and processing of your check, social work students will receive both an electronic version and a hard copy of a Certificate of Liability Insurance (Each claim- 1,000,000. & Aggregate - 3,000,000.).
    Beginning Spring 2014, the School of Social Work will encourage all students to purchase liability insurance. 

Field Education Manual/Field Syllabi


Student Integrative Learning Contract Forms

Documentation of Time in your Field Placement/Practicum

Student Field Evaluation Forms

 Field Education Seminar Course Journal Outlines

Social Work Licensing Information
Licensing Preparation Materials
- a $275 value only $25.-
Contact Social Work Office- Janice Cuddy

Other Field Evaluation Forms
Please complete these web-based forms at the end of each semester. No hard copies required.