Undergraduate (BA/BASW) Field Education Information & Forms  
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Field Education Information

Is it time for you to prepare to begin your field education experience? Congratulations! The below steps will ensure that your process is easy and efficient. Be aware of your enrolled program and note some differences in each program. As a reminder, regardless of campus, summer field courses (seminar and field) are 13 weeks.

      STEP #1

  • Contact your Academic Advisor at your enrolled site (Akron campus, Lakewood campus, or Wayne college) in order to complete and sign your Undergraduate Student Academic Field Eligibility Form
  • This document requires electronic submission to the field office prior to being registered to begin your online Part I field orientation. 
  • We use an online platform to complete field documents, called Tevera. There is a one-time student fee of $203 ($195 plus $8 for credit processing fee). Students must pay this prior to beginning field. Students will be notified when they are able to register for Tevera.

  • Important steps to begin field. Please check with your Academic Advisor:
    • 2.75 grade point average in social work courses;
    • 2.75 overall grade point;
    • Senior status with 90 credits completed (of 120 credits hour required for graduation);
    • No unresolved incompletes on academic record; and
    • Completed Practice I, Skills Lab, and Practice II courses before starting field education experience
  • Undergraduate field education occurs in the final, two consecutive semesters of social work students' academic journey. Field semesters are Summer/Fall OR Fall/Spring only.

    STEP #2

  • Students will be enrolled into the Part 1 & Part 2 online field orientations in Brightspace. No student will be allowed to begin their field education experience without completing both parts of the field orientation. This online orientation is self-directed by the student. Please follow up with your field contact person if you have questions.

    STEP #3

  • Begin your field orientation as soon as you are notified by your field contact person you are registered in Brightspace.

  • You will complete the required pre-placement forms and email to your field contact person

  • Unable to complete the online orientations OR pay for Tevera? Immediately contact your Academic Advisor and identify a different semester for you to begin field. No exceptions will be made.
  • Excited and ready to start calling agencies? Stop! Please do not contact any field agencies prior to completing Part 1 Field Orientation AND submitting the first part of the pre-placement field forms. Let us get you prepared first. We do encourage you to take a look at the 200+ agencies, in 18 counties, and covering 16 practice areas in our web-based Agency Roster.
  • Background Checks/Fingerprinting

    Increasingly, agencies/organizations are requesting background checks: A BCI (state) and/or FBI (national) criminal record checks. To find the nearest Webcheck location(s) to complete background checks/fingerprinting, use this link: www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/backgroundcheck 

    Please note: The university Campus Police no longer offers on-campus fingerprinting and background checks.

  • Immunizations/Tuberculin Skin testing
    Health Services provide General Primary Health Care including:
    Evaluation and treatment of uncomplicated illness and injury
    Immunizations / Tuberculin skin testing
    Academically required physical examinations
    Referral assistance for health concerns beyond the scope of the department

  • Professional Liability Insurance
    Social Work students can purchase Professional Liability Insurance through the University for $20 per academic year. Hand deliver, Inter-office mail, or place in the mailbox of the Field Coordinator Becky Thomas, a check made out to The University of Akron.
    Upon receipt and processing of your check, social work students will receive both an electronic version and a hard copy of a Certificate of Liability Insurance (Each claim- 1,000,000 & Aggregate - 3,000,000)

Field Education Forms