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For Undergraduate Students

Hello Social Work Students!

The Student Social Work League (SSWL) is a student organization open to all students that aims to provide connections to the field of social work through volunteerism, networking, speakers, socials, and more so that when our students graduate, they have a deeper understanding of the social systems around their community.

Joining the SSWL can help you in many ways:

  • making friends
  • finding study groups
  • getting involved in the community 
  • Resume booster
  • volunteer in organizations
  • and so much more!

So come to a meeting and check us out, or ask one of our lovely Officers about the League!
Click here to download a membership form.


To be considered a member of the SSWL, you must pay dues! Dues are $5 per semester or $7 in the Fall to pay for the whole year! The money collected from dues helps us put on all our events and fun activities for you all! We will be collecting dues at the first meeting or you can give it to any officer. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR STUDENT ID NUMBER.


Coming soon! 

Come to the meetings, read the emails, add us on Facebook, and just say hi to your Officers in class. We are passionate about the SSWL and would love to tell you more about it.

We hope that we see you all at meetings and different events. Please let us know if you have any questions with direct emails to 

Twitter: @UofASSWL
Instagram: @uakron_studentsocialworkleague 
Snapchat: u.akronsswl


The mission of this organization shall provide academic support and guidance for students majoring in the field of social work and work to establish and offer positive change and acceptance in the community. We will advocate for the quality of life for all.

Faculty Advisor: Lisa Crites

Alpha Alpha Alpha Honor Society was established in 1978 by John H. Ramey as an honorary fellowship of Social Work students at the University of Akron. 

The Society was founded to honor those students who have demonstrated, by virtue of their academic performance and strength of character, that they exhibit excellence as representatives of the social work profession and as members of the university community.

Faculty advisor: Janice Steinmetz 



A place for students looking to get involved in a student organization or want to explore the more than 290+ organizations on campus. With the help of RooConnect, UA's newest online tool for organizations, students can search for organizations 24/7. 

For Graduate Students

This is an organization led by master-level students and supported by an assigned faculty advisor.
Click here to download a membership form. 

The purpose of the Master of Social Work Student Association (MSWSA) is to promote and foster relationships between students and faculty involved in the Master of Social Work (MSW) Program at The University of Akron by:

  • Advocating for the rights and needs of the students enrolled in the MSW program;
  • Improving and participating in activities that will further the purpose and goals of the social work profession;
  • Hosting presentations by speakers from the professional community that keeps students abreast of the political, social, economic, and environmental trends locally and nationally;
  • Encouraging lifelong learning in professional practice; 
  • Conducting an annual MSWSA activity 
  • Coordinate & promote programs which support the mission of UA

    visit us on facebook -

   Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark McManus

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) was founded in 2008 to support over 4,000 graduate students, and is open to all registered graduate students at The University of Akron. 

The purpose of Graduate Student Government is to govern the affairs of graduate students in a manner specified by its constitution and bylaws; to determine the sentiment of all level's graduate students and the representation of sentiment at all levels of the University administration; and to encourage social contacts between graduate students of all disciplines.

The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

The concept of a national social work honor society came from a group of undergraduate social work students at Michigan State University in 1960. Investigation revealed that local chapters formed a National Honor Society Committee in November 1960. For more than a year, this committee worked on the constitution and other administrative matters.

The name Phi Alpha and the key were adopted from the local chapter which existed at Florida State University. The Constitution and formal organization were completed in 1962, and six chapters quailed to become “charter chapters”. They were Florida State College, University of Dayton, and the University of Tennessee. Over 110 Chapters are now in existence, and the addition of new chapters is continuing. The University of Akron Chapter was newly formed in 2008.

Faculty advisor: Janice Steinmetz