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Sociology Calendar of Events

Health, Wellness, and Justice in the Time of COVID

A Department of Sociology Virtual Brownbag Series

Since September 2020, the “Health, Wellness, and Justice in the Time of COVID Virtual Brownbag Series” hosted by the Department of Sociology and co-sponsored by the Center for Experiential Learning and the Center for Conflict Management has served as a warm, inclusive, interactive, and creative space for students, faculty, and staff to share COVID related research, personal experiences, and coping resources.

The Department of Sociology continues this series via a “Teaching Salon” for our University of Akron colleagues. The goal of our Teaching Salon is to encourage conversations about teaching in the age of Covid in a relaxed, collegial, and interdisciplinary atmosphere. We aim to explore what we have done in the classroom to enhance the well-being of ourselves and our students in age of Covid.

We know teaching in the pandemic has been stressful, yet many colleagues have found ways to make it enjoyable for instructors and students alike (sometimes surprisingly enjoyable!) through the adoption of creative assignments, creation of new communication channels, development of new spaces for sharing information and experiences in our online and in-person classes. We are confident that these creative teaching practices have enhanced the well-being of ourselves and our students.

In this spirit, we have converted our “Brownbag” approach to a Salon approach for a March series of teaching discussions. Our Parleurs are an interdisciplinary group of devoted UA instructors: Lia Chervenak Willey, Ph.D., Department of Sociology; Stacey Nofziger, Ph.D., Department of Sociology; Daniela Jauk, Ph.D., Department of Sociology and Department of Criminal Justice; Amber Ferris, Ph.D., School of Communication; Evi Gorogianni, Ph.D, Department of Anthropology.

So join us and we help to promote teaching wellness with a focus on creative teaching activities, assignments, and philosophies adopted in the age of Covid.