Scholarship opportunities

Janet C. Fisher Endowed Scholarship

The Janet C. Fisher Endowed Scholarship Fund was founded in 1994 with the express purpose of assisting students within the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences Department of Sociology.  This endowed scholarship is provided by the estate of Janet C. Fisher, a native of Canton, Ohio.  Janet Fisher was a 1985 graduate of the University.  She wished to thank the University for the fine education she received and which helped contribute to her success.  Scholastic achievement and leadership characteristics are the criteria for the award.  Scholarship award of $1,000.

Charles C. Rogler Endowed Scholarship

The Charles C. Rogler Endowed Scholarship was founded in 1977 by Charles C. Rogler, Professor Emeritus of Sociology (1949-1962).  His wife, Margaret F. Rogler, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Marketing (1948-1972) and son Lloyd Rogler support and continue his efforts for the scholarship.  Academic excellence and financial need are the criteria for the award.  Scholarship award of $1,000.

How to apply for UA scholarships

An opportunity for donors

Many students today cannot afford the cost of a college education and rely on the availability of scholarships to pursue their dream of achieving a college degree in their field of interest.  The University of Akron is proud of its top-notch Department of Sociology, whose alumni and friends are especially mindful of students' needs.  A scholarship in your name can be established for as little as $10,000.  For information on contributing your support or for making a donation of any denomination, please contact:

Mrs. Kimberly K. Cole
Department of Development
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-2603