About us

Sociology has a long history at The University of Akron. Our Department began offering undergraduate degrees in 1934 when we separated from the Department of Economics.  An M.A. degree was approved in 1963, with our first master’s degree awarded in 1966.  In 1973, we received approval for a joint Ph.D. program with Kent State University. Our first doctoral degrees were awarded in 1979.


At the undergraduate level, we offer a baccalaureate degree in sociology. In addition, we have a minor in sociology that also completes all general education requirements. 

In addition to going on to graduate study in sociology and law school, our graduates have secured careers as Federal agents (e.g. U.S. Secret Service, the FBI), marketing, sales, public administration, community development, health care, and academia. 


At the graduate level, both faculty and students specialize in four areas: criminology/deviance; inequality; medical sociology/mental health, and social psychology.  Our research covers, among others, such topics as immigration; homicide; emotional labor; alcoholism and drug abuse; interpersonal and family violence; race; gender; organizational deviance; and work and mental health.  Our M.A. and Ph.D. graduates work in the public and private sector, along with teaching at universities and colleges throughout the country.

At the August, 2018, Board of Trustees meeting, 80 programs were suspended from The University of Akron's program offerings.  Unfortunately, our graduate program in Sociology was one of the 80 programs.  We cannot accept new applications for the program.