Kris English, Ph.D

Kris English, Ph.D

Title: Professor Emerita
Phone: 330-972-6116


Professional Interests

Patient-centered care and trust-building in audiology; quantitative and qualitative techniques to measure the efficacy of counseling strategies in audiology; teaching materials and strategies to enhance graduate training in audiology.

Recent Publications

Clark, J., & English, K. (in press). Counseling-infused audiologic care (3rd ed.)

English, K., Walker, E., Farah, K., Munoz, Scarinci, N., DesGeorges, J., Pelosi, A., Aungst, H., Madell, J., Moeller, M.P., Marriage, J., Flexer, C., & Jones, C. (2017). Implementing family-centered care in early intervention for children with hearing loss: Engaging parents with a Question Prompt List. Hearing Review, 24(11), 12-18.  

            Cited in “Editor’s picks: Best features 2017,” Hearing Review, 21(1), 6.

English, K., Jennings, M.B, Lind, C., Montano, J., Preminger, J., Saunders, G., Singh, G., & Thompson, E. (2016). Family-centered audiology care: Working with difficult conversations. Hearing Review, 23(6), 14-17.

English, K., & Pajevic, E. (2016). Adolescents with hearing loss and the International Classification of Functioning, Health and Disability: Children & Youth version. Seminars in Hearing, 37(3), 235-244.

Rickey, L., & English, K. (2016). Audiology care at the end of life. Audiology Today, 28(4),16-22.

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English, K. (2012). Self-advocacy for students who are deaf or hard of hearing (2nd ed.). 


  • Counseling in Audiology 
  • Pediatric Audiology
  • Critical Analysis of Research II 
  • Central Auditory Processing 
  • Audiological Management of the School Aged Child 
  • Support Systems for Individuals with Communication Disorders and Their Families