Post-Baccalaureate Series (Non-Degree Seeking)

You can pursue your graduate degree in our School even if your bachelor’s degree is from a discipline other than speech-language pathology and audiology. For speech-language pathology, simply take certain “leveling” courses that will help to prepare you for graduate school. We offer those leveling courses in what we call our “Post-Baccalaureate Series”. But if you If you wish to apply to our doctor of audiology degree, no “leveling” courses are needed!

We offer an array of courses in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) discipline. Students do not need to formally admitted to the school's undergraduate degree program or major and they will not “graduate” from the series. Completion of these courses simply allows students with bachelor’s degrees in other majors to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for graduate programs in speech-language pathology

While many undergraduate majors and degrees (e.g., education, psychology, linguistics, biology, sociology, and human development) provide a good foundational understanding of related topics to CSD disciplines, they do not include preliminary courses required by accredited graduate speech-language pathology programs. The post-baccalaureate courses offered through our school meet the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) Standards IV-A and portions of IV-B to help students achieve the necessary general education and in-field prerequisites to apply to graduate school in speech-language pathology.

Students who wish to complete the speech-language pathology (SLP) post-baccalaureate series courses may do so online or on-campus through the University of Akron.

  1. First, you must apply to the University of Akron as a post-baccalaureate student:

  2. Once admitted, you will enroll in courses to match graduate school application requirements - it is recommended you check with your potential graduate programs to decide which courses you need

ASHA STANDARD  IV-A: General Education Prerequisite Courses

  • To meet eligibility criteria for admission to any ASHA accredited graduate speech-language pathology program, applicants must achieve a C or higher in each general education prerequisite course

  • Students may elect to take general education prerequisite courses at another university if applying to UA's graduate SLP program, but the course syllabi will be evaluated by a post-baccalaureate advisor

  • The following constitute the prerequisite general education courses and their categories:
    • Statistics: At least one 3-credit hour course in statistics
    • Biological Science: One 3-credit hour course in the biological sciences (general human anatomy, physiology, general biology, cell biology, molecular biology, cybernetics biology, computational biology, cytology, ecology, evolutionism, environmental biology, forensic biology, genetics, marine biology, morphology, microbiology, molecular biosciences, natural science, neurobiology, neurology, radiobiology, sociobiology, or zoology)
    • Physical Science: One 3-credit hour course in physical sciences (must be chemistry or physics)
    • Behavioral/Social Science Coursework: One 3-credit hour course in behavioral social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, ethnic and cultural studies, archaeology, area studies, criminology, geography organizational studies, economics, political science, gender and sexuality studies, or psychobiology)

ASHA STANDARD  IV-B: In-Field Prerequisite Courses

  • To meet eligibility criteria for admission to any ASHA accredited graduate speech-language pathology program, applicants must achieve a B- or higher in each in-field prerequisite courses

  • These courses, or their equivalents, must be completed within 7 years from the date the student plans to start the graduate program

  • Students may elect to take these prerequisite courses at another university, but the course syllabi will be evaluated by a post-baccalaureate advisor

  • For students interested in applying to the University of Akron's graduate SLP programs, the following in-field prerequisite courses are required for students who plan to apply to UA's  traditional campus-based graduate program and the collaborative distance learning (online) graduate program:

    • UA Speech Language Pathology Graduate In-field Prerequisites

      Course Number Course Name # Credits Semesters Offered ASHA
      Standard IV-B


      Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism 3 credits Fall (on-campus face-to-face) & Spring (online) basic human communication processes - biological; neurological


      Introduction: Hearing and Speech Science 4 credits Spring (online) basic human communication processes - acoustic


      Introduction to Clinical Phonetics 4 credits Fall (on-campus face-to-face) & Summer (online) basic human communication processes - linguistic


      Language Science and Acquisition 4 credits Fall (online) & Summer (online) basic human communication processes - developmental


      Observations and Clinical Techniques 4 credits Fall (online) & Summer (online) Clinical Methods class
    • Recommended Additional (Non-required) In-Field Coursework

      Course Number Course Name # Credits Semesters Offered


      Organic Disorders of Communication (Neurogenic Disorders of Swallowing and Communication) 4 credits Spring (online)


      Articulation and Phonological Disorders 4 credits Spring (online)


      Language Disorders 4 credits Spring (on-campus face-to-face)
       SLPA:335 Principles of Audiology 4 credits Fall (on-campus face-to-face)

For additional information regarding our post baccalaureate series courses or how to enroll, please contact:

Advisor: Marci Tomajko
Phone: 330-972-7908