VP of Recruitment

Lauren Kuzniar

Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Organizes the overall recruitment theme and public relations logos
  • Responsible for Recruitment Registration
  • Works closely with Rho Gammas and VP Membership to assists PNM’s during recruitment process
  • Holds weekly Recruitment Task Force meetings

Office Hours: N/A

Hello! My name is Lauren Kuzniar and I am the Vice President of Recruitment for the Panhellenic Council. As the Vice President of Recruitment I am in charge of planning Fall recruitment with the PHC recruitment team. I am from a suburb outside of Cleveland called Avon Lake, OH.  I am a psychology major with sociology minor and I want to counsel distressed teenagers.

Favorite Sorority Experience: My favorite sorority experience was when I had my own candle passing. My little turned to face me holding a beautiful candle that she had made for the passing while my entire sorority started singing. I immediately started crying and it will be a special memory that I remember forever.