VP of Risk Management

Casey Miller- VP Risk Managemnet-2

Email: uaphcvpriskmanagement@gmail.com

Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Educates chapters on risk management, including alcohol awareness, hazing, and sexual assault
  • Authority on the Social Event Policy
  • Organizes and implements one risk management program per semester
  • Hold roundtables with social and risk management chairs of each chapter, once per semester

Office Hours: N/A for summer

Hello, my name is Casey Miller and I am the Vice President of Risk Management. As the VP of Risk Management, I am responsible for educating the community on topics regarding harm reduction and safety policies. This includes programs each semester in regards to a variety of topics like alcohol awareness, hazing policies, campus safety, and sexual assault along with a plethora of other topics. My hometown is here in Akron, OH. I am currently double majoring in Marketing Management and Integrated Marketing Communication. I enjoy baking and spending time with friends and family as well as watching movies in my free time, as long as they have a happy ending.

Favorite Sorority Experience: My favorite sorority experience was joining my chapter and finding a place where I can truly be myself without worry of people judging me.