50 Hour Service Challenge.png

Have you volunteered with serveAkron or another organization?

If so, you should join the 50 Hour Service Challenge through serveAkron.  Simply log your hours of volunteer service on RooConnect to continue in the program throughout the year. Volunteer hours are collected from August 1st until the last Friday of March or first Friday in April of the following spring.

Students will discover new opportunities for getting involved:

  • All students who complete the challenge will be recognized at the annual spring LIFE Awards and receive a certificate of achievement and a 50 Hours Service Challenge t-shirt.
  • Students completing 100 hours of service hours or more will be recognized at the annual spring LIFE Awards and receive a certificate of achievement, 50 Hours Service Challenge t-shirt, and national recognition of President's Volunteer Service Award.


How to complete the 50 Hour Service Challenge?

  1. Complete volunteer work either through programs offered on campus or through your regular volunteer work at off-campus locations.

  2. Log your hours on RooConnect via the following method:

    1. Visit the serveAkron

    2. Navigate to Forms and select “Apply for Opportunity”.

    3. Enter your information for each individual service project/opportunity.

    4. Enter information from August 1st to the last Friday in March or first Friday in April

What volunteering counts towards the 50 Hour Service Challenge?

Volunteer work is defined as hands-on work to a non-profit organization where you do not receive credit or payment for your efforts. The better question is what doesn’t count?  The following instances will not count towards the 50 Hour Service Challenge:

  • Fulfilling expected responsibilities of a student organization, student leader, or student employee completed on your own time (unless it is with a nonprofit organization)
  • Service done for a family member
  • Item or money donations
  • Donating blood or plasma
  • Voting, poll working, or campaigning for a specific candidate (voter registration and campaigning for issues will count)
  • Participating in another student organization's philanthropy event unless you are part of the planning

All volunteer hours are required to be reported to be counted towards the 50 Hour Service Challenge. Unreported hours will not be accepted. Reported service hours are subject to approval by the Coordinator for Civic Engagement Programs.