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Recognized Student Organization Manuals

One of the main objectives of the SOuRCe is to help develop strong student leaders and advocate for student organizations.  The SOuRCe provides a variety of outlets and means of leadership development engagement for our student organizations. Below are a few important documents and resources that we hope will help you manage your organization!

While the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Manuals are intended to be a summary of information that is beneficial to student organizations and Campus Advisors, its readers should be aware that:

  • They are not a complete statement of all policies and procedures of The University of Akron.
  • The University of Akron reserves the right to change any policy, procedure, or program, without notice.
  • Divisions and departments on campus may have their own procedures and policies, which apply to student organizations.
  • Our goal is to make these manuals as all-encompassing as possible, however policies and practices do change. If a policy outlined within does not seem accurate, please let us know and we will gladly review and update the manual(s) accordingly.

 To view the full version of the RSO Finance Manualclick here.  

To view the full version of the RSO General Policy Manualclick here.

A glossary for terms used in the RSO Manuals can be found by clicking here.

To view information on requesting funding from USG/GSG please click here

Guiding University Policies for Registered Student Organizations

Effective July 1, 2019

Student organizations are encouraged to market programs and events throughout campus, however policies are in place which may dictate the manner in which your organization chooses to advertise.

  1. Emails: students are encouraged to utilize Zipmail and RooConnect to advertise upcoming programs, events or membership information. Mass-emails to email addresses not directly provided to an organization is discouraged.

  2. Posters: student organizations are encouraged to post information about upcoming events on public posting boards throughout campus.
    1. These boards can be found in a variety of campus buildings and it is the responsibility of the organization to hang and take down information. Student organizations are discouraged from hanging signs on walls, in restrooms, or on other fixtures not approved as public posting areas.
    2. Please remember when using posters that the Student Organization Disclaimer must be included at the bottom of the flyer or poster.

  3. Students wishing to create marketing pieces for their organization are encouraged to utilize the free marketing services provided by the Department of Student Life.These services are provided by graphic design students who can assist organizations with the creation of t-shirts, posters, flyers, etc.  Please contact the SOuRCe for more details.

  4. Students wishing to purchase giveaways, t-shirts, banners, etc. are encouraged to have the design approved by the SOuRCe. This will ensure that student organizations are utilizing the University’s name and any branded icons in an approved manner.
    1. In addition, students are encouraged to utilize the preferred vendors (listed herein) for the purchase or quote of these items.

  5. In the event a student organization wishes to create a logo, the design must be approved by the SOuRCe before being utilized on campus. This will ensure that the organization is utilizing the University’s name and any branded icons in an approved manner.

  6. If an organization wishes to hand out candy or a food item with a flyer as a promotional means, the item must be pre-packaged and not homemade or baked.

Raffle ticket auctions, sometimes used in fundraising, are not permitted by registered student organizations.

  • These are auctions in which several prizes are available to win, each with a separate basket for the opportunity to place a raffle ticket into.

  • Additional information, if needed, can be located in the Ohio Charitable Gaming Bingo Laws.
    • If your organization is looking to host an activity that may violate this policy, please contact the Assistant Director, Student Life via the SOuRCe.

Student organizations wishing to utilize any type of bus services for pre-approved travel are encouraged to use one of the Universities approved vendors. These include Anderson, Great Day Tours, and Lakefront Lines. Any other bus company needs to be approved prior to booking.

Student organizations are not permitted to enter into any type of verbal or written contract other than the University Services Agreement.

As cited in the Code of Student Conduct -

  • “Student organization” means any number of persons who have complied with the formal requirements for or are actively seeking university recognition as a student organization.
  • University authority should not be used merely to duplicate the function of general laws. The university of Akron code of student conduct applies to the conduct of all students and student organizations that occurs on university owned premises or on non-university premises, where the conduct away from university premises is seemed by the university to affect the university of its students and university employees, including but not limited to:
    • Any activity sponsored, conducted, or authorized by the university or by students organizations including but not limited to social events, athletics contest and philanthropic activities.
  • Hazing, as defined by the Ohio Revised Code and federal law, is prohibited. It is a violation of this rule for an individual, knowing that hazing has been or is being committed, to knowingly fail to report such information to law enforcement authorities or to student conduct and community standards. Officers of a student organization must report any hazing incident(s) of which they are aware. The consent of the victim is not a defense.

Inclusive excellence is a core value of the University. Student organization officers and members should remain supportive and welcoming to all students interested in involvement opportunities within your organization. 

  • Please refer to the “Recognition Agreement” and “Constitution Template” for more information.

In order to ensure student organizations are acting in accordance to University policy and procedures, it is always in an officer, Campus Advisor, or member’s best interest to inform the SOuRCe of an issue as soon as possible.  This may include but is not limited to concerns regarding fiscal management, hazing, utilization of space on campus, discrimination, violation of a policy included herein, etc.

“Fronting” refers to a manner in which a registered organization reserves a space, table, venue for an organization or group of people who have not formally started a student group on campus. 

  • Fronting is prohibited, as only registered and recognized student organizations should benefit from the rights and privileges provided and noted herein.
  • Issues of fronting will be addressed with both student organization parties immediately.

Student organizations wishing to utilize a rental vehicle for organization travel will be asked to utilize a Gas Card for all gas expenses.

  • This card can be checked out in the SOuRCe and helps to track the expenses accurately for your trip.
  • To arrange a Gas Card for an upcoming trip, please see the SOuRCe liaisons

If a student wishes to drive their personal vehicle on an organization trip, though discouraged by the University, the student organization can only be reimbursed for mileage.

  • The rate for mileage reimbursements will be dictated by the University’s current rate - which can be found on the Controller’s website:
  • Reimbursement may not be awarded for mileage, if driving a non-rented vehicle, for trips outside of 125 miles from campus. All reimbursements must be pre-approved by the Campus Advisor.

A charge on the student organization account without a SORF is considered missing documentation. Student organizations may submit missing documentation requests twice per semester.

Unless previously approved, reimbursements are capped at two per semester for student organization accounts.

If a student organization is hosting an event which may require - or benefit from - a waiver, the group must utilize the approved waiver provided by the SOuRCe.

  • To obtain a copy of this blanket waiver, please see RooConnect or a SOuRCe liaison.

All student organizations are strongly encouraged to utilize a rental vehicle if traveling more than 125 miles away from the institution.

  • Due to liability and the unknown condition of student vehicles, the University strongly advises that student organizations utilize the rental agreements with two national car vendors.

The University has agreements with two national vendors who are considered “preferred” rental vehicle vendors for campus.

  • Students over the age of 18 may rent a vehicle with these vendors
  • The University does not endorse the utilization of 15-passenger vans.

If utilizing a rental vehicle, be sure to also request a Gas Card for your expenses.

Please click here for a complete listing of policies regarding reserving space on campus.

The University of Akron is a tax exempt organization. When making purchases, student organizations are required to present a tax exempt form at the point of purchase. If tax is charged the student organization will be required to recoup the tax charged.

The University has agreements with three local vendors:

  • Consolidus LLC (The UA Shop)
  • Global Promotions & Incentives (Shop UA Store)
  • AG PrintPromo Solutions

Student organizations are restricted to utilize these vendors when looking to purchase promotion items, t-shirts, giveaways, etc. These vendors are aware of institutional brand standards and offer competitive pricing to University-affiliated parties.

Per the contract between the University and Aramark, dining services has first right of refusal on all food orders across campus. Additionally, due to health and liability issues, food purchased or made by an outside source is prohibited, unless proper approval has been granted by Aramark (University Catering Waiver).

Aramark is aware that there are many dietary needs, including specific religious and ethnic requests, and will work with organizations to meet these needs and accommodate our guests.

In the event an organization wishes to bring food on campus, the “University Catering Waiver Request Form”, found on the Aramark website and/or RooConnect, must be completed and turned in prior to the event - through the procedures/timelines stated on the form.

Please note: bake sales are strictly prohibited on campus (see Terms & Conditions).

Aramark also offers a “Student Organization Budget-Friendly Menu” - be sure to ask when scheduling food for your event so you can potentially save money.

Any student organization wishing to utilize an outside contractor (DJ, Photographer, Lecturer, etc.) must complete the Contract Request Form on RooConnect 30 business days to any anticipated event, program, or performance. 

The organization event/program where a vendor is being utilized must be an approved venue by the University of Akron. In addition, housing/lodging of the vendor must be approved through the contract creation process - due to liability, student organizations are unable to house vendors in private residences.

Lodging/travel expenses/food for the vendor must be approved through the contract creation process and payment included in the contracted fee.

After receiving this request, the SOuRCe will contact your organization to discuss the additional details that may be needed.

  • Note: the SOuRCe will not send a contract to a vendor without verifying available funds for the organization - this includes SAF/EAF/UAF.
    • In the event an organization is requesting funding support from the government(s), the SOuRCe will wait until an allocation has been made to send the agreement to the vendor(s).
  • Note: if the vendor you wish to use for your event is a University of Akron staff, faculty or student, they may be required to be paid through University Payroll, thus incurring additional fringe benefit costs to the student organization. The vendor, if a university employee, will also be taxed on their payment.

The signed and completed agreement must be returned to the SOuRCe one (1) week prior to the event.

  • Failure to do so, by either the organization or the vendor, may result in the inability to utilize an outside contractor or cancellation of your event.


Student organizations are not permitted to enter into any type of verbal or written contract

other than the University Services Agreement.

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