Temporarily Unavailable

Editing of page content will be turned off Monday, August 31st and Tuesday September 1st.

In order to provide the best possible experience to faculty and new and returning students, we will restrict editing in dotCMS Monday, August 31st and Tuesday September 1st. In past Fall Semester starts, we have experienced issues serving pages to students and faculty on startup days due to the spike in traffic combined with content editors logged into the system. Limiting the system to view only on these two days will, we believe, alleviate this issue.

The WebTeam will be able to edit during this time and will make any ‘emergency updates’ that you might need. We will be monitoring web-team@lists.uakron.edu and will respond to requests for assistance sent to that address.

The university is currently working on a long term solution that we believe will make this action unnecessary in future semesters.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.