Akron Fight Song!


We cheer the Akron Blue and Gold,
We cheer as the colors unfold.

We pledge anew, we're all for you,
As the team goes crashing through,
Fight! Fight!

We cheer the Akron warriors bold,
For a fight that's a sight to behold,
So we stand up, and cheer and shout,
For the Akron Blue and Gold!


Zzzip! Zip go the Zippers!
Zzzip! Zip go the Zippers!
Akron U,
Gold and Blue,
All for you, and the Zippers too!
(to chorus)

Did you know?

The University of Akron’s fight song, “The Akron Blue and Gold,” was written in 1939 by Fred Waring, nationally known composer and leader of the wildly-popular band, “Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians.”

In response to a request from the University’s student newspaper, Waring wrote “a distinctive song” for The University of Akron. “The Akron Blue and Gold” premiered over his NBC hookup on November 17, 1939, and has been used as the University’s fight song ever since.

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