University Council Members

MembersConstituent Groups
Rex Ramsier
Senior Vice President and Provost
Harvey Sterns, Chair Chair; Physical Environment Standing Committee
Ruth Nine-Duff, Vice Chair Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Tonia Ferrell, Secretary Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Mike Nelson Chairs/School Directors
Jeanette Carson Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Lynn Lucas Contract Professional Advisory Committee
Chand Midha Deans
Phillip Allen Faculty Senate
Linda Saliga Faculty Senate
Néna Roy Faculty Senate
Kristen Giaquinto Graduate Student Government
Marca Kaplar Graduate Student Government
Taylor Swift Graduate Student Government
Marjorie Hartleben Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Nancy Homa Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Taylor Bennington Undergraduate Student Government
Brittany Hartman Undergraduate Student Government
Katherine Holcomb Undergraduate Student Government
Shiva Sastry Chair; Budget and Finance Standing Committee
Julie Cajigas Chair; Communications Standing Committee
Linda Barrett Chair; Information Technology Standing Committee
Jared Coleman Chair; Institutional Advancement Standing Committee
Kristine Kraft Chair; Recreation and Wellness Standing Committee
Michelle Byrne Chair; Student Engagement and Success Standing Committee
Elizabeth Erickson Chair; Talent Development and Human Resources Standing Committee