Entrepreneurship is a skillset that goes beyond the classroom and starting a business. If you want an experience outside of the classroom to apply what you have learned, UA has multiple opportunities and relationships with organizations for you to engage.

Fitzgerald Society for Entrepreneurship

Fitzgerald Society for Entrepreneurship (club): Entrepreneurs come from all majors and backgrounds and we want to ensure that anyone who plans to start their own venture is well educated and connected before doing so.

Direct Contact: wha10@zips.uakron.edu 

Organization Contact: uakron.fse@gmail.com 

Fitzgerald Society for Entrepreneurship


Hakron-LogoA student-run hacking organization, Hakron ran The University of Akron’s first 24-hour hackathon - built and organized entirely by students. Hakron is a member organization of Major League Hacking, an engaged and passionate maker community, consisting of the next generation of technology leaders and entrepreneurs.

Contact: uahakron@gmail.com



icorps-400I-Corps helps faculty, students and the community answer important commercialization questions through critical market and commercialization evaluations. Faculty from all colleges and departments and from regional universities and colleges, as well as early-stage companies, are encouraged to apply. Students can apply independently to join existing teams or startups.

Contact: NSFICorpsSites@uakron.edu



NEOSVF-200The Northeast Ohio Student Venture Fund is a student-run organization that funds high-growth potential, startups in Northeast Ohio in the area. Not only do we provide funding for companies, we also provide an experiential learning opportunity for students of Northeast Ohio's colleges and universities which is done by teaching the partners about the startups, early-stage financing, and the due diligence process.

Contact: neosvffund@gmail.com

Contact (through site): http://www.neosvf.com/contact.html

Northeast Ohio Student Venture Fund

P.A.C.E. Idea Games

P.A.C.E. Idea GamesThe PACE Idea Games are activities for students who are interested in cultivating an innovation and entrepreneurial mindset by engaging in activities centered around play, empathy, experimentation, creation, and reflection. Join us as we explore PACE, The Pursuit and Art of Creativity and Entrepreneurship. No background, education or experience necessary.

Contact: EbaNee Bond

P.A.C.E. Idea Games

Starting Line

Starting LineThe Starting Line Pre-Accelerator prepares you to apply to UARF's I-Corps Accelerator program or other regional accelerators. The 10-step self-paced process walks you through key activities that help to refine your idea and build value in your business. At several steps along the way, you will receive feedback from our experienced new venture managers, and even meet in-person with UARF's I-Corps instructors to get tailored feedback.

Contact: UAStartingLine@gmail.com

Starting Line


Students from all academic disciplines can find opportunities to work directly with or for entrepreneurial ventures.


UARF is a nonprofit corporation charged with commercializing University of Akron technologies and supporting economic development in Northeast Ohio. Students from all academic backgrounds are welcome to apply for summer or semester-long internships.

Contact: eball@uakron.edu

UARF student internships

EXL Center

EXL’s mission is to enable UA students to emerge as civically engaged, skilled and adaptable leaders, ready to take on real-world challenges. We do this by promoting experiential learning through academic-community engagement and entrepreneurial engagement.

Contact (office): 330-972-8153

Contact Co-Directors: 
Dr. Carolyn Behrman 330-972-5477
Professor Annal Vyas 330-972-6789

Location: First floor of Bierce Library

EXL Center

Small Entrepreneur and Economic Development (SEED) Clinic

In this transactional clinic, law students provide low-cost legal and business assistance to small and emerging businesses in the local community. The SEED Clinic helps with business planning, operating agreements, employment law questions, contract/lease issues, entity selection, and nonprofit assistance.

Contact: Professor Gary Spring 330-972-2358

Small Entrepreneur and Economic Development (SEED) Clinic