Fall 2018 - Undergraduate Student Government

First Year Senate Candidates


Leslie Lawrence

Hello, my name is Leslie Lawrence and I am a freshman here at the University of Akron. I am currently a Biomedical Science major. I am currently involved in InterVarsity, a ministry on campus, as well as several community service projects around the Akron area. I believe that I deserve the position of First Year Senator because I am in tune with all the inclusive prospect of our school community and will be ready and willing to represent the ideas, concerns, and needs of all the students I will serve. I have the leadership skills, interpersonal skills, dedication, and willingness to be involved that is required to be a great First Year Senator.


Grant McConnell

Hello, my name is Grant McConnell. I am a new freshman attending the University of Akron. I originate from Poland, a small-town south of Youngstown located in Mahoning County. I am currently studying Political Science and part of the Universities 3+3 BA/JD program. I love being active on campus and enjoy getting to know new people. I running for this position because the undergraduate class needs someone who represents everyone, not just the select individuals or certain groups. A vote for me is a vote for everyone, regardless of gender, race or sexuality.