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Emergency text-messaging service (Z-Alert)

Students, parents, faculty and staff can sign up for UA's free Z-Alert text-messaging service.

Text messages will be sent when campus closes or when a situation arises that immediately affects safety.

To subscribe

UA's text-messaging is handled by a service called Omnilert.

Sign up for Z-Alert (login required)

Important! Once you sign up, you'll immediately receive a text from "795-16." Follow the instructions in that text to validate your subscription. You must reply to finish the subscription process!

The message will refer to a company called Omnilert. Omnilert provides UA's text messaging service.

Students are able to enroll parents and others in UA's Z-Alert text-messaging service.

The student will need to log-in using his or her UANet account.

Login to Z-Alert

Important! Students: Once you sign up an additional number, the phone associated with that number will immediately receive a text from "795-16." Reply to that message and the registration will be confirmed. The subscription process is not completed until the reply is sent! The message will make reference to a company called Omnilert.

The University is not charging for the Z-Alert service; however, carrier charges may apply.

Even with Z-Alert, the University will continue to relay safety information via e-mail, the UA homepage and other means.

Adjust phone settings for Z-Alert to bypass Silent and Do Not Disturb

It's not only important to receive these texts but to always hear them. We've outlined some steps for iOS and Android to make sure Z-Alert text messages can bypass your phone being on silent and/or Do not Disturb. All users are encouraged to do this.

To unsubscribe

Users may unsubscribe at any time. The easiest way is to reply "stop" to the next text alert that you receive from us.

Periodic tests

The University will periodically test the Z-Alert system to assure that it is working properly. We will announce the tests ahead of time by sending an e-mail to students, faculty and staff. The test Z-Alert message will clearly state that we are conducting a test.

Contact us:

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Answers to your questions

How do I add or to update my mobile number or add additional numbers?

Log in to revise your mobile numbers.

Will my cell number be given out to third parties or used for other purposes?

No. We will use it for sending emergency text messages only.

Do I need to install software on my phone?

No. We are sending industry-standard SMS text messages. Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.

Is this service just for The University of Akron?


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