Celebrating Inclusive Excellence Awards


The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding faculty and staff who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and/or service provision for students with disabilities.

In order for a nomination to be considered, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Students submitting nominations must be registered with the Office of Accessibility
  2. The student must state why they feel this faculty or staff member should be recognized for portraying disability as a natural part of human experience
  3. The student must indicate how the faculty or staff member exemplified inclusiveness of disability in teaching or service provision
  4. Students must provide a brief description of their distinctive qualities as a faculty or staff member and how they have provided a supportive, positive learning environment for students with disabilities

How to nominate a faculty member

Complete the form below including all the required information and either drop off in Simmons 105 or email the form to access@uakron.edu. Please be as specific as possible. If you need assistance in completing the form, please contact the Office of Accessibility.

Celebrating Inclusive Excellence Award Nomination Form