Painting & Drawing

Painting & Drawing Fundamentals

The painting and drawing program emphasizes that we are a community of people and ideas.  Faculty and students are united in fostering curiosity and shared work ethic.  Students explore studio work that demonstrates individual expression, critical thinking, and an awareness of art's historical and contemporary issues.


The painting department provides an inspired learning environment with studios for each level of painting.  Advanced students have individual spaces for ambitious explorations. We encourage students to develop critical and personal relationships through critiques and discussions.  An active visiting artist program and travel opportunities give students direct access to professionals in their field and new perspectives.  The painting club, driven by students, is a valuable way for both formal and informal student directed activities to happen.


Understanding the possibilities of technique, design, and conceptual development are an integral part of the curriculum.  Technical knowledge from introductory courses in combination with idea generating strategies and process from intermediate courses leads towards personal questions and solutions in advanced work.  The programs curriculum allows flexibility to investigate a wide range of approaches and related disciplines.

Painting & Drawing Faculty

Matthew Kolodziej

Matthew Kolodziej
Title: Distinguished Professor
Dept/Program: Painting and Drawing
Phone: 330–972–6030

Laura Vinnedge

Laura Vinnedge
Title: Associate Professor
Dept/Program: Painting and Drawing
Phone: 330–972–2499


Students are presented with a broad range of facilities and opportunities while pursuing their BFA in Painting/Drawing such as:

  • 24 hour studio access.
  • Individual studio spaces at the advanced level.

Sample Curriculum:

Painting and Drawing Facilities

Painting and Drawing Student Portfolio Images