Sculpture Fundamentals 

 The Sculpture program at the Myers School of Art provides a solid grounding in a wide variety of conceptual, technical and formal approaches for the creation of sculpture to enable students to explore and communicate their individual artistic concerns. The curriculum is designed to introduce students to the almost limitless possibilities of contemporary sculpture, with an emphasis on material exploration, problem solving and the development of analytical skills.


The purpose of the Sculpture program is to provide an undergraduate education in sculpture that prepares students for graduate level study in sculpture and for professional life as a visual artist. The program aims to provide students with experience in a wide variety of sculptural processes and media and the tools to find their own artistic direction through research, experimentation and practice.


  • To encourage students to explore individual directions in contemporary sculpture through object making, mixed media installations, interdisciplinary projects and public art exhibitions.
  • To give students experience at working with a variety of media and processes including steel, wood, plaster, found objects, mixed media and lost wax casting.
  • To help students develop creative problem-solving skills, a self motivated studio practice and strong work ethic.
  • To familiarize students with the major issues and aesthetic approaches of contemporary sculpture.
  • To encourage students to apply skills learned in sculpture to their other areas of study.
  • To foster the individual's skills in thinking critically and analytically as a means to evaluating and understanding art made by themselves and other artists.
  • To educate students in working safely in three dimensions.

Sculpture Faculty

Kate Budd

Kate Budd
Title: Professor, Sculpture Area Coordinator
Dept/Program: Sculpture
Phone: 330–972–8208


Students are presented with a broad range of facilities and opportunities while pursuing their BFA in Sculpture such as:

  • The sculpture facility comprises a well-equipped and organized wood-working shop, metal shop, foundry and plaster area, available outside of class times through supervised lab hours.
  •  The woodshop has a state of the art “Saw-stop” table saw, compound miter saw, band-saws, sanding machines, drill press and most common wood working tools and equipment.
  • A metal shop, with oxy-acetylene and mig welding capabilities, hydraulic shear, sheet metal rollers, metal band-saw, bench grinder and more.
  • Gain valuable professional work experience as the Sculpture area’s Student Assistant.
  • Work with internationally renowned visiting artists.
  • Exhibit work on campus and in regional venues – sculpture students have exhibited their work at The Box gallery, Summit ArtSpace, The Icehouse and Spaces, Cleveland.

Sample Curriculum 

Sculpture Facilities

Sculpture Student Portfolio Images