Bachelors of Science in Biology

Learn more about the the benefits and requirements of a bachelors of of science in biology. More.

BSMD Program

Information about the the Biological Science Medical School program through NEOUCOM. Learn more

Biology Department Contact Information

Find contact information and addresses for the department, advising office, course coordinators and more. Contact information.

Honors Research Project in Biology

Honors students interested in doing their honor's research project with a member of the Department of Biology should read our Honor's Project Guide.   Following this guideline will help you get the most out of your honor's project experience and assure that you will be on track to finish in time.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Biology offers graduate training through two graduate degrees.  Follow the links below to find out more about these two programs.

Masters of Science in Biology

Ph.D in Integrated Bioscience

Seminars and Discussion Groups

There are many opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and faculty to advance and share their understanding of biology.  We have several colloquia and reading groups that meet regularly during each semester.   Learn more..

Graduate Student Research Projects

Research projects are a big part of the activity in the Department of Biology. Faculty and student research spans from molecules, cells, organisms and their interactions with the environment.  Take a look at some of the projects that our graduate students are working on right now. Learn more...

Undergraduate Research

Interested in doing research with a biology faculty member?   Biological problems credit is available for invovlment with some faculty.   If you are interested you should talk to faculty about their research and ask if they might be able to sponsor you in their lab.  The form for getting credits for this research can be found HERE