Scholarships for Biology Students

A student at The University of Akron who earned a biology scholarshipLooking for scholarships should start before you even start your academic program. However, once you have chosen biology as your academic field, there are specific scholarships that then become available to you. Be as proactive and persistent as possible in your search for opportunities. Begin your search by talking with our financial aid experts. Links to general resources for all students, college resources and specific resources in biology are found below.

  • For current or future undergraduate students: See the scholarships page on our Financial Aid site.
  • For current or future graduate students: Consult with the UA Graduate School.

Dr. ThompsonThank you!

The Biology Department expresses its appreciation for Norbert Tamasovich's generous and continuing support for undergraduate research!

Pictured is Mr. Tamasovich visiting the University of Akron in 2015.

Department of Biology Scholarships

The Department of Biology has numerous scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students. These have deadlines in the late spring. Please watch for flyers around the department and an email sent to all Biology students announcing these scholarships and providing details about qualifications and means of applying for them. The email will include an electronic copy of the application or you can come to the Biology office (ASEC D401) to get a paper copy of the application.  Applications are due in late spring and require 2 letters of references.

Scholarships available for 2023 are listed below.  Deadline for application is April 21, 2023, 5:00 p.m.  Email applications to the Biology department office:

Virginia A. Auburn Scholarship in Physical Sciences
The annual award or awards should be presented to a student or students  pursuing premedical programs. $4,000

The Burgner Memorial Medical Scholarship
For 3rd or 4th year Premedical student selected on the basis of academic  achievement. $2,000

  • 2022 Award: Brittney Moore
  • 2021 Award #1: Maria Elsoury
  • 2021 Award #2: Danielle Schneider

The Dr. Kevin E. Kelleher Memorial Fund
This fund will provide assistance to a worthy student specializing in Ecology. $750

  • 2022 Award: Austin Klink
  • 2021 Award: Allyson Darst

The Dr. Paul Acquarone Award in Plant Sciences
Award available to students specializing in plant sciences for the purchase  of books, materials, travel and tuition. $500

  • 2022 Award: Gaung Mehn
  • 2021 Award: Lamalani Suarez

Wei‐Jen Chang Endowed Scholarship Fund
Award given to a deserving undergraduate or graduate student receiving a Biology degree from UA. Student must demonstrate financial need. $1,000

  • 2022 Award: John Stalnaker
  • 2021 Award: Hana Arabi

The Mary E. Leyden Green Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship shall be awarded to a full‐ or part‐time biology undergraduate or graduate student(s) or in a related medical field student(s) at The University of Akron with a 3.0 GPA using the following preferences as ordered: 1. A current biology or related medical field student who is a member in good standing of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority; or 2. In the event that there are no Alpha Gamma Delta candidates, a current biology or related medical field student demonstrating financial need and leadership. The scholarship is renewable. $3,000 

The Dr. Gwendolyn Lutz Scott Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship is directed to one or more premedical students who have financial need and sustain a 3.0 GPA or above. Awards are limited to tuition and student fees. $10,000

The Dr. Loren and Emma Hoch Scholarship
Applicants must be enrolled full‐time in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a degree in Biology. The scholarship recipient shall have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. The fund will support students in their final year of pursuing a bachelor's degree. $2,500

  • 2022 Award: Brooke Campbell
  • 2021 Award: Sydney Ward

The Dr. Roger F. Keller, Jr. Award
Available to a student majoring in Biology with preference given to specialization in Genetics or Biotechnology for the purchase of books, materials, travel and tuition. $500

  • 2022 Award: Elena Vukovic
  • 2021 Award: Cara Brunner

The Lazarus Walter Macior Graduate Scholarship in Botany and Plant Sciences

Award given to a student accepted to a graduate program specializing in Botany or plant sciences. $3,000

  • 2021 Award: Lamalani Suarez

The Alice and Walter Macior Graduate Scholarship in Botany and Plant Sciences
Award given to a student accepted to a graduate program specializing in Botany or plant sciences. $2,000

  • 2021 Award: Brad Small

Charles McClelland Scholarship
To provide scholarships to premedical students in their junior or senior year at The University of Akron. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and need. The award is made on the recommendation of the head of the Department of Biology and the Department Scholarship. $14,000

  • 2022 Award: Hailey Copeland
  • 2021 Award #1: Brooks McKinley
  • 2021 Award #2: Sonia Achaleke

*Elaine Marie Pirogowicz Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Award will be given to a student in Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences with financial need; an interest in immunization & molecular or cellular biology. A minimum 3.25 GPA is required to apply. $3,000

  • 2022 Award: Reilly Blackwell
  • 2021 Award: Allison Yacapraro

Christian Stinner Memorial Award

The award will go to a deserving student who is conducting research at the Dr. Paul E. Martin Center for Field Studies and Environmental Education. $1,000

  • 2021 Award: Brad Small

George E. Wilkinson Scholarship Fund
Provides tuition assistance for deserving premed students with preference given to students preparing for careers in service to the aging. Preference given to children of employees of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. $600

  • 2022 Award: Lana Tso
  • 2021 Award: Lucas O'Brien

MCAT Scholarship for Underserved Students

Northeast Ohio Area Health Education Center Program along with Student National Medical Association, are working to provide opportunities for underserved students to receive a scholarship for MCAT prep through the Princeton Review. See their flyer.

We recommend the live online option as opposed to the self-paced option.

Criteria for receiving the scholarship is that the applicant:

  1. Attends a college/university (junior, seniors, or Post Bacc) and resides in the following 19 Counties: Ashland, Ashtabula, Carroll, Columbiana, Crawford, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Holmes, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Richland, Stark, Summit, Trumbull, Tuscarawas, or Wayne.
  2. Is considered:
    1. Disadvantaged:
      1. You are (or will be) the first generation in your family to attend college.
      2. You are a 21st Century Scholar or currently receive Scholarship or Loan for Disadvantaged Students.
      3. While growing up, you or your family ever used federal or state assistance programs (i.e., free or reduced breakfast/lunch, WIC, subsidized housing, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.)
      4. While growing up, you lived where there were few medical providers at a convenient distance.
    2. an underrepresented minority
    3. a rural student
    4. urban student

Please visit to apply.

Scholarships for Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences students

If you are interested in Applied Politics or conflict management, Sociology or Anthropology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Mathematics...or any of a number of other specific fields of study only possible in a College of Arts & Sciences? Then your individual academic interest intersects with scholarship opportunities.

See an extensive list of scholarships created exclusively for students studying in the Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences.

Or learn more about specific scholarship opportunities:

Next step: Ask an adviser about how to pursue scholarship opportunities.