The Bliss Institute offers national conferences and public programs that bring together academicians and practitioners to discuss recent developments in the political world.  


  • Honorary Certificates Awards (May 9)
  • Akron Decides...May 2023 Post Election Poll - Registered Voters in Akron were asked to share their thoughts and opinions about the recent election for the Mayor of Akron | Poll Results
  • Akron Decides...April 2023 Horse Race Poll - Registered voters in Akron who describes themselves as likely to vote were asked to share their thoughts and plan for voting in the upcoming May primary for the Mayor of Akron | Poll Results
  • The Donald Trump Presidency: Legacy and Record - An even handed, non-partisan, and scholarly examination of the actions and consequences of the Donald J. Trump Presidency on the United States and world from a variety of perspectives (Apr. 6-7):
  • Akron Mayoral Debate, Akron-Summit County Public Library (Apr. 12)
  • Akron Mayoral Debate, Akron Press Club (Apr. 5)
  • Akron Decides...Debating the Future - Dr. John Green and Judi Hill, President of Akron NAACP, discussed the results of a scientific poll of voters and candidate debates designed to engage voters in the 2023 Akron mayoral election (Feb. 27) | Poll Results
  • Jerry Austin, long-time political strategist, spoke at an Akron Press Club luncheon co-sponsored by the Bliss Institute. (Jan. 24)