Bliss Institue Reports on Voter Opinions for Issue 2 and 3

An in-depth study of the 2011 Ohio ballot measures finds that registered voters oppose Issue 2 (on public employee collective bargaining) by a double-digit margin (37.1% to 25.3%).  At the same time, voters favor Issue 3 (on the national health care law) by a double-digit margin as well (33.8% to 18.3%).

However, voter opinion on these issues is fluid and changeable, with a large number of voters lacking firm views—nearly two-fifths on Issue 2 and almost one-half on Issue.

Thus there is room for the rival campaigns to persuade voters in their favor in the final days of the campaign. In this regard, the opponents of Issue 2 and Issue 3 have had an advantage in the volume of campaign information. 

Registered voters report that Issues 2 and 3 are a strong motivation to cast a ballot.  A standard model of turnout reveals the possibility of a close contest for Issue 2, but other models suggest Issue 2 may be defeated by a wider margin. Issue 3 appears likely to pass.

Regardless of their views on Issues 2 and 3, Ohioans overwhelmingly regard ballot measures as a legitimate way to make political decisions.


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