Board Materials (Oct. 2012-present)

Summaries of Board Actions (2002-2012)

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${file.getExtension()} file Resolution10-13-13.pdf
Resolution 10-13-13
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${file.getExtension()} file BoardMaterialsfor11Dec2013MeetingRevised121813.pdf
Final Board Materials from 11 Dec 2013 Meeting
10338 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 7August2013UABoardofTrusteesMaterialsupdated02272014.pdf
7 August 2013 UA Board of Trustees Materials updated 02272014
6645 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 2013October16UABoardMeetingMaterialsv110713.pdf
2013 October 16 UA Board Meeting Materials corrected 110713
10493 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 2013May8BoardMaterialsv061813pm.pdf
8 May 2013 UA Board of Trustees Materials FINAL
18992 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 2013March20BoardMaterials.pdf
20 March 2013 UA Board of Trustees Materials FINAL
7856 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 2013June19BoardMeetingMaterials626update.pdf
19 June 2013 UA Board of Trustees Materials FINAL
17970 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 20131016Boardsummary.pdf
Summary of 16 October 2013 Board Actions
143 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 20130807Boardsummary.pdf
20130807 Board summary
190 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 20130619Boardsummary.pdf
Summary of June 2013 Board Actions
193 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 20130508Boardsummary.pdf
Summary of actions taken at May 2013 Board meeting
823 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 20130320Boardsummary.pdf
Summary of March 2013 Board Actions
165 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 20130130Boardsummary.pdf
Summary of January 2013 Board Actions
244 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 20130130BoardMaterialsFinal.pdf
2013 January 30 Board Materials Final
4071 kb
${file.getExtension()} file 11December2013BoardSummary.pdf
11 December 2013 Board Summary
210 kb