Board Materials (Oct. 2012-present)

Summaries of Board Actions (2002-present)

Summaries of Board actions usually are posted two to four weeks following regular Board meetings. The summaries are intended to be informative but should not be regarded as official minutes. Actual Board materials usually are posted on the day of regular Board meetings and are updated as necessary.  The Board materials, including personnel reports, for each regular meeting become official only after adoption of the minutes at the following regular Board meeting.  Until they become official, the materials are subject to change.

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${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-September2012.pdf
135 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-October2013.pdf
Personnel transactions approved by the Board 16 October 2013
1205 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-October2012.pdf
Board-approved Personnel Actions 10-31-2012
130 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-November2011.pdf
Personnel actions approved 30 Nov 2011
128 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-May2013.pdf
Personnel transactions approved at May 2013 Board meeting
1592 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-May2012.pdf
171 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-March2013.pdf
Personnel action approved 20 March 2013
286 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-March2012.pdf
152 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-June2013.pdf
Personnel Transactions Approved at June 2013 Board Meeting
265 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-June2012.pdf
140 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-January2013.pdf
Personnel-transactions approved January 2013
390 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-January2012.pdf
Personnel Changes Approved 18 January 2012
124 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-February2014.pdf
Board-approved personnel transactions 5 February 2014
2525 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-December2013.pdf
Final report on personnel transactions approved December 2013
1285 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-December2012.pdf
Personnel-transactions-December 2012
296 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-August2013.pdf
464 kb
${file.getExtension()} file Personnel-transactions-August2012.pdf
169 kb